The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

z5447.inddThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
By Arthur Conan Doyle
Read by Ralph Cosham
Published by Blackstone Audiobooks

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Since Doyle created the immortal Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson, no other mystery writer has come close to eclipsing him as the standard bearer in crime fiction. A brilliant London-based “consulting detective,” Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess and renowned for his skillful use of astute observation, deductive reasoning, and inference to solve difficult cases. This collection includes twelve of Holmes’s most famous cases: A Scandal in Bohemia, The Red-Headed League, A Case of Identity, The Boscombe Valley Mystery, The Five Orange Pips, The Man with the Twisted Lip, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb, The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor, The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet, and The Adventure of the Copper Beeches.

AudioFile Magazine Review:
“In a gravelly voice, Ralph Cosham becomes the voice of Dr. Watson as he narrates 12 of his adventures with Sherlock Holmes. Dashing round London and the English countryside, Watson and Holmes search for villains, deceivers, and the perpetrators of crimes both physical and psychological. Cosham brings these immortal tales to life once again, replete with details both significant and trivial and the sights and sounds of late-nineteenth-century London. Cosham uses subtle accents to differentiate the characters. Watson is characterized with droll, smoky tones, and Holmes is portrayed with an even cadence and soft tones. The other characters have accents reminiscent of their stations, nationalities, and gender. Cosham captures the genius of Sherlock Holmes, the faithful friendship of Dr. Watson, the language of their time, and their zest for adventure.”


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