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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Files are MP3 format
  • Files are for personal use only
  • Files are available to download for one week only but are yours to keep.

To Download:

You need OverDrive® Media Console™ (available for every major desktop and mobile platform)

Questions? Email us:

Not in the US? Check the availability of SYNC titles in your location.


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  1. Michele

    Thank you for all of the audiobooks, and for the tool kit to help spread the word. This is my first year participating, and I look forward to next year.

    Will there ever be an opportunity to download audiobooks from previous years? [Send an e-mail to all who participated this year and give them a day/week to download any book that may have been missed in the past??? Just an idea. I figured due to copyright issues this may not be possible.]

    I work in a library, and many patrons were disappointed that they could not go back to download audiobooks they missed from the previous weeks. I did inform them that they will know for next year to keep an eye out for the posters, but they were still disappointed.

    Also, I liked the description of how the two choices were connected on the website each week. It would be GREAT if that was also on the weekly posters. It would ensure that people know what the link/theme is of the audiobooks, and help entice more people to your website to download the audiobooks.

    Thanks again,
    Michele [Yes, we spell our name the same way 8-)]

    1. Michele

      I forgot to ask — If we signed up for the text alerts this year, will we automatically receive text alerts next year, or will we have to sign up again next year to/with a different number? It would be nice if it was automatic, or at least a text to remind us to go to the website to renew.


      1. Michele Cobb

        You will automatically receive alerts again next year.

    2. Michele Cobb

      Love the spelling of your name! Unfortunately, part of the reason we are able to get such great titles for the program is the limited download period. We hope anything your patrons missed encourages you to purchase a copy for the library – always nice for our publisher partners to know that the SYNC program leads to engagement with and sales of their products. Thanks for the suggestions and helping us spread the word.

  2. veda

    Thank you so very much for these wonderful audiobooks. I will treasure these gifts.

    My only suggestion is: School is about to start and I would have really loved if you had ended the season on a bit more upbeat theme.

    Many blessings to all who contribute to YA Sync.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Thanks for the feedback. Happy listening!

  3. Sharon

    I am trying to download this week’s books – Headstrong and the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – which are available till July 30. Yet, when I click on the download now link, all that happens is that it takes me to your page about free Sync Downloads – I don’t see any other place on the page to download these titles. Don’t I have until tomorrow to download these titles? I also tried to email you at the synchelp link and the mail came back as undeliverable….

    Thanks for your help

    1. Michele Cobb

      Have you downloaded the OverDrive Media Console? After that go to and choose download now. I will send a link to your email to see if that helps. Link to synchelp is now working properly. Thanks.

  4. Jane Goldsberry

    Today i had an error message when i downloaded the audiobook, The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At the end of the down load for part 2 and part 3 the message on the screen was, ‘An error occurred while attempting to load the Media Markers for part 2 (there screen then said part 3) of The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.

    It saved to its regular place and when I tried to play it, it seemed just fine. I tried this on two different computers (MacBook Pro) and a mini Mac. Last night I downloaded it at home on a PC laptop and had no problem.

    I have not had any problem all summer. What are Media Markers???

    I had no problem with Headstrong.


    1. Michele Cobb

      That sounds like an issue in the metadata (information about the file). Glad you were able to get them to work successfully, though.

  5. Piper Heath

    I can’t download Headstrong or Dr. Jekyll… link is broken??

    1. Michele Cobb

      Have you downloaded the OverDrive Media Console? If yes and it’s not working please email with information on your device and browser.

  6. osp

    I uninstalled the tiled 8.1 version of Overdrive ?from April? and installed the new non-tiled June version and the June version behaves much better. One oddness, the new version doesn’t recognize any of the previous week’s books.

  7. manna

    what does download for one week but your to keep mean??

    1. Michele Cobb

      It’s only available to be downloaded for 7 days, but once you have downloaded it as an MP3 file it does not expire and you can have it on your device for as long as you like.

  8. Miriam Kahn

    Peter & The Starcatcher is missing track / part 4 – the file jumps from track 19 to 29. I’ve downloaded several times and it seems to still be missing. (July 4th)


  9. Miggy Gimena

    Hi. I downloaded Forgive me, Leonard Peacock but my copy jumps. I was at chapter 4 then suddenly it will say Chapter 10. I am enjoying it so far but can’t continue because it is incomplete. I hope you’ll answer. thanks

    1. Michele Cobb

      Unfortunately once the download period is closed we no longer have access to the title. I’d recommend you check with your local library to see if they have it available.

  10. Karen Weber-Mendham

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to own all of these wonderful titles! What a gift. I hope that those benefitting realize how much money these audiobooks are to purchase. It’s amazing to me that you are able to offer them for free. I’ve told everyone I know about your site (& I’m a librarian, so I talk to ALOT of book people!).

    1. Michele Cobb

      Thank you!

  11. Fiona Bennett

    I was out of town and could not get to my computer to download the last 2 weeks books. Is there some way I can still access and download them?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Unfortunately we no longer have access to them after the period has closed. We encourage you to check your local library to see if they might have the titles available.

  12. Bubba

    Having audio books that are only downloadable for a week is a drag they should be downloaded automatically and if u haven’t downloaded the app then u can’t get the books. Also I would be very happy is someone could explain how the app works. I would like to know if u can download books onto different devices like on a kindle, or u have to do a separate download onto different devices that are using the same account. I would also like to know if a book could be stored in a “cloud” so that I can free up some space in my devices. If u could answer these question or direct me to a place that can that would be great. Just leave a comment. Thank u everyone for helping me out

    1. Michele Cobb

      I’ve forwarded your comment to our help desk –

  13. Jamie

    Hi, I’m unable to install audiobook: The Murder at the Vicarage in the Overdrive Media Console. I am getting this error message: Unable to Acquire a license to play the selected title. Error 1003. The requested license is either invalid, or already acquired.
    Can you please help?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Please email with specifics on your browser and device.

  14. Heather

    Thanks for offering Ann of Green Gables . Supposedly every Canadian Girl reads this book when growing up, but somehow I missed it. I’m looking forward to listening to it to see what I’ve been missing all these years.

  15. Angela Morlu

    I really appreciate these free downloads each summer. They are great. It seems like they are really featuring a lot of female protagonists this year. Do you anticipate offering more books that would appeal to YA male readers?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Actually – I think if you are looking for some good male protagonists the next 2 weeks will be just the thing!

  16. Jemmy Pierre-Louis

    Thank you so much for giving out these free ebooks! This is my first time participating in the SYNC program, and I look forward to getting a chance to download each week’s selections for free and listening to them at my convenience. I also like the idea of partnering a classic with a popular young adult title. I have even told my adult book club and coworkers about SYNC so that they could benefit as well. Thanks again! I hope to participate every summer for as long as you have the program.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Glad you are enjoying and thanks for helping us spread the word.

  17. Cynthia Rose

    First Thank-you for doing this every summer. I appreciate it very much.
    Second. I went into my overdrive center and noticed that the first three weeks of books are gone.
    Is there anything I can do to get them back? I still have last weeks, and have just downloaded this week.
    Please tell me that these won’t disappear too. Am I doing something wrong, I wonder.
    Thank-you again. Wonderful books.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Unfortunately, we do not have access to the titles after their week has closed. We recommend that for keeping them you download the app to a desktop computer and keep the files there. See our help page for more information.

  18. Rebecca Ryals Russell

    I am devastated that I’ve missed the first 3 weeks of free downloads. I have been on the mailing list for at least the past two summers and look forward all year to this opportunity. For some reason I did not receive my emails this year and happened to remember so I googled and found you. Is there any way at all I can get the ones I missed through no fault of my own? Your past records will show I have been a follower for years.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Unfortunately, we no longer have access to the titles once the window has closed. Please email with the email address you’d like signed up so we can make sure you are back on the list.

  19. Molly

    I’m having the same problem as the poster “Melissa” above: I’m trying to download these books, but once they show up in Overdrive they say they can’t be opened until “other files have finished downloading”. There’s nothing else downloading! It never changes.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Email with your device and browser specifics for us to assist you.

    2. Ellen

      I have the same problem when trying to download to the overdrive media for windows 8.1. So, I click the download button, then the save button, and then use the arrow to choose to open it with the overdrive media and it uses the old type that was before APPs. I hope this works for you too.

      1. OSP

        I’m having same problem where it kicks me into the windows 8.1 overdrive app and seems to hang there. I don’t think what version of Firefox I have should be relevant as it is the windows app which seems to be hanging.

        When you say you down load and save, are you talking about downloading the “.odm” file, or something else?

        1. Michele Cobb

          Please email with specifics on your device and browser so we can best help you.

        2. Ellen

          I use IE 11 and get a security thing at the bottom of the page that gives me the options to save or open, etc. I click on the one that says save and then it gets a little down arrow and I chose open with overdrive media.

          1. Ellen

            I meant to say I click on the one that says save and then get on that says open with and click on it’s down arrow t]and then choose open with overdrive media.

  20. Carlissa Hoffman

    I just finished listening to The Murder at the Vicarage and it was wonderful! I’ve been wanting to “read” an Agatha Christie book for a long time, so I am glad you had one this year. Thanks for all the wonderful audios you have on this site!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Glad you are enjoying!

  21. Melissa

    I’m trying to download these books, but once they show up in Overdrive they say they can’t be opened until “other files have finished downloading”. There’s nothing else downloading! It never changes. I was able to get week 2 titles, but nothing since. I’ve tried downloading from the app, and directly from Sync. I’m using Firefox in Windows 8. Any help would be appreciated! Would really like to hear Julius Caesar!

    1. Michele Cobb

      I’m having our help desk email you directly to see if they can assist.

    2. osp

      I’m having same problem as Melissa. Running Windows 8.1. Keep getting message
      while in Overdrive that they can’t be opened until “other files have finished downloading”. I’ve tried exiting and restarting Overdrive and restarting the computer and relaunching the ODM. This last time the jpg downloaded, but none of the MP3s.

      1. Michele Cobb

        Is your OverDrive media console the most updated version? Please email with specifics on your device and browser so we can best assist you.

  22. Sue Foote

    Thank you for these free weekly audiobook downloads.

    I so enjoyed Eoin Colfer’s, The Reluctant Assassin, and I will be ordering multiple copies for my elementary school library. I look forward to the rest of the series, as well.

    Q. What’s better than reading The Reluctant Assassin?
    A. Listening to Maxwell Caulfield read it to me! Fantastic recording!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Thanks for the great feedback! Happy listening!

    2. Deborah

      I agree about listening to Warp. Maxwell Caulfield is such a good reader I was sure there were multiple people doing the characters. I will look for more audiobooks he narrates. These free audiobooks are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing them with us for free!!!

  23. Christina Bormann

    Sign me up for new downloads please

    1. Michele Cobb

      I have added you to our email list and you will receive title alerts each week when new titles are ready.

  24. Christina

    Help! I thought this download was “mine to keep” but it’s gone from my library. Can I get it back?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Please email with device and browser specifics so we can best help you.

  25. Debi

    I came in and downloaded the Patterson book in the 4th. I also downloaded OverDrive. I came to listen to it in my OverDrive and it’s not there – please please help me – I was soooo excited to treat myself the last day of school – Thank you!!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Please send specifics on your device and browser to so we can best assist you.

  26. Diana Barnett

    I am running Windows 8. I live in USA. I downloaded the latest Overdrive and “All Our Yesterdays” file. Overdrive gives me the message Error 1003. Unable to acquire license for the selected title.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Please email with specifics on your device and browser so we can make sure you get the title before it is no longer available.

  27. Ann Hayward


  28. Cynthia

    I guess nothing is free in this world,,,,,,oops , something went wrong,

    1. Michele Cobb

      Is your OverDrive media console up to date? What device and browser are you on? Please email specifics to

  29. Jim

    All I get is “something’s gone wrong” …downloaded the app to an IPad 2

    1. Michele Cobb

      Email with your browser information and location.

  30. bojana

    nooooooo, why can’t i download the confessions of a muder victim in my location? i live in the netherlands but i want the download too!
    the agatha christie one i don’t care for i am able to download

    1. Michele Cobb

      It’s based on the rights each publisher has available. The majority of the titles offered this year have world rights. We hope you enjoy some other selections.

  31. Jennifer Johnson

    I do have OverDrive installed on my iPad, but when I try to download the James Patterson book I get a message “oops something went wrong”
    I sent an email to synchelp but it came back undeliverable. What do I do now?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Hmm… is the address. Try updating the OverDrive app as step one. Where are you located?

  32. Shelley

    Can’t download books

    1. Michele Cobb

      Email with specifics on your device, browser and location so we can best help you.

  33. Ann Marie

    I do have OverDrive installed on my iPad, but when I try to download the Agatha Christie book I get a message “oops something went wrong”

    1. Michele Cobb

      Please email with details of your device, browser and location.

  34. Angela

    Of the 3 titles I have downloaded this year, first time user, just found that Warp is the only one that will let me open. The others say License not Available. Help?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Please send details of your device and browser to

  35. Bernie Heffner

    I have been able to down load one book but not the other it tells me I’m out of the area for downloading however I live in Canada

    1. Michele Cobb

      That’s correct – Canada is part of the British Commonwealth so the Agatha Christie is not available there.

  36. Lourdes

    There are no links for this weeks books, we can not download because there is no link for the books. It returns to the download page but it does not have the actual link for the books.
    Please help as time is running out.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Try clicking directly here – do you still see no links?
      If you are still having trouble please email

  37. Mary Gish

    HELP, I was able to dowload the audio books to my mac laptop, but I am unable to transfer them to my iphone 5. I have the Overdrive app installed on the phone and laptop. How can I trnasfer the audio books?

    Thank you.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Check out the OverDrive Help page for transfer instructions or download the OverDrive app to your phone and sync the app then you’ll be able to access in both places. Email if you need more help.

    2. Kristine

      Also, the audiobooks appear in the “Music” section on many iPod devices, not in the Overdrive app when transferring by computer. Go to Album view and see if you see your books listed there.

      It has been very tricky doing the manual transfer with Overdrive/iTunes. iTunes must be open during the transfer, along with Overdrive (desktop) version. After the titles transfer, they do not appear in the OverDrive app, but in the Music section, listed by title under “Albums”. They do not appear in Books or Audiobooks in the music app either, only under songs.

      Titles only appear in the OverDrive app when downloaded directly to the Apple device, not via computer.

      Hope this helps others trying to transfer manually to Apple devices.

      1. Michele Cobb

        Thanks for the great tips!

  38. Karen Green

    Hi, thanks for the downloads again!
    When I click on DOWNLOAD HERE it keeps returning me to the Overdrive Media page. I’ve installed it on my computer, but I can’t get to the download page for the books. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Email with specifics on your device so we can best assist you.

  39. jessica walenka

    I have the overdrive app installed on my windows phone and was trying to download one of the books for this week (which is the first I’ve tried) and its telling me that I need to download some app it asks if I’d like to look at the store if I tell it yes it comes up saying no apps found. I don’t know what to do or how to fix it. Any ideas??

    1. Michele Cobb

      Try deleting the app and reinstalling it. If it doesn’t work please email with specifics about your device and we will see what we can figure out.

  40. Ali

    Thank you so much for these downloads. I really enjoy listening to audio books. I’ve told all my friends. :-)

  41. Merry Valkenburg

    Looking forward to the books this summer

  42. muhammad

    I have been with SYNC since its first launch some years ago. It has enriched my listening experience by discovering new titles. I now can not move anywhere without my MP3 and making every minute counts.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Glad you are enjoying!

  43. Reese

    This is my third year listening – thanks again! I am a mom of teens, and look forward to discovering the titles you offer. I tell anyone I can about this great service. Bravo!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Glad to know you are enjoying!

  44. Janice

    Thanks very much for these audiobooks. I look forward to this service every summer.

    1. Michele Cobb

      We are glad you are enjoying them!

  45. Michelle keeler

    I am trying to download books unto my IPod. I get the error download failed. I try to do this all last summer and I was never able to download a single book. I have overdrive. I am able to get to the website on my device. So my internet is working on my device, I just can’t download the books.

    1. Michele Cobb

      First thing is to make sure your OverDrive Media Console is up to date. If it is please email with as many details as possible – including your location so that we can best assist you.

    2. Miriam Kahn

      download the files to your computer first. Save them. Then move them to iTunes and then your iPod. While it takes a few more steps, you are assured the file is on the computer and saved for a later play date.

    3. KAT

      I had the same problem but it resolved once I opened Overdrive and logged in and then left it running in the background while I set up the download from the website. Good luck!

  46. Paula

    Thank you so much for this wonderful summer gift. Summer would not be summer without SYNC audiobooks.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Thanks for your kind words!

  47. Jackie

    I’m also not seeing the link for the downloads. I’ve tried accessing from several different pages, but I keep getting to this page, which starts with “Here’s what you need to know” and continues through the comments. I’ve upgraded the Overdrive Media Console and checked everything else. I’m using Windows XP and IE 9. Since I see others having the same problem, is this a system glitch?

    I love this program, and have been using it and telling others for the last three years–thanks!

    1. Michele Cobb
      What happens when you hit the direct link above? I’d also suggest trying another browser like chrome or firefox. If you are still having trouble email us at

      1. Jackie

        Hi Michelle,

        When I use your link, the same thing happens–this page comes up, but between the “Free SYNC Downloads” and “Here’s what you need to know” lines, the cover images, book titles, and download now buttons are missing. I’ve sent an email with more details, but I’m not going to switch browsers on two computers just to access this site. I finally downloaded directly to my NOOK and Kindle instead, and I’ll manually transfer the files to my laptop and desktop.

        Thanks, Jackie

        1. Michele Cobb

          Glad you were able to get the titles. Technology is great, when it works.

  48. JO C

    Disappointed that here in Australia, downloading Eoin Colfer’s book is not permitted….. :(

    Time Machine however does download – because of its age maybe?? :)

    1. Michele Cobb

      It’s all based on publisher’s rights which in the case of WARP does not include Australia, unfortunately. Hard to beat Derek Jacobi though and the good news is that the majority of the titles will be available in Australia. Enjoy!

      1. Jo C

        Thanks Michele. Yes, I understand. Glad to hear that most will be available here. That was a fast reply – WOW! Very excited about what’s coming!

        1. Michele Cobb


  49. Heather

    thanks for such a wonderful program. i have been looking forward to it all spring. I have also posted about it on my blog. i hope it’s ok that I have copied your cover images and the SYNC banner.

    I plan to write a similar post each week.

    1. Michele Cobb

      Fantastic – thanks for helping us spread the word!

  50. Zachary Clark


  51. SuzieB

    So excited about this! I am looking forward to my summer listening list!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Good to “hear” :)

  52. Carlie

    So I’m on Iphone attempting to download, but when I click “open in Overdrive”, it tells me the file is invalid?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Sorry you are having trouble. Please email so we can get more details.

  53. Lisa Barton

    I have downloaded the books for this week to Overdrive Media Console, but when I try to listen, there is nothing there.
    Is anyone else having trouble?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Make sure they have time to download. Then close the app completely and try again. If you are still having trouble please email so we can get more details.

  54. Keely

    I’m so excited!!! Thank you so much for the great books this year!!!

  55. rory

    Wonderful selection of new and classic books this year. Will get lots of yard work and walks taken with these. Thank you!

    1. Michele Cobb


  56. D.

    I realized the files are regular MP3 so they show up in my music, not my audiobooks! YAY!

    Now, I want to know how do I sync my overdrive console on my computer to my overdrive app…

    Please Help

    1. Michele Cobb

      Go to your OverDrive account from the HOME menu. When you’re signed in your audios should be automatically saved to the cloud and then sign in on your other devices for access to them.

      1. D.

        The overdrive that I downloaded from this website does not have a place to login…it is on my desktop…it has no home button.

        I am signed in to the app.

        1. Michele Cobb

          Once you have the OverDrive app then go to this link and select one of the titles to download. If you are still having trouble email us at so we can get more details.

  57. Staci

    I’m still not seeing a link to download today’s audiobooks. Is there still a glitch in the system or am I not looking in the right place? When I click on download HERE, it takes me to the “Here’s what you need to know” section. Thanks for giving our students the opportunity to experience books in a different format during the summer!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Here’s the direct link to the download page.
      If you are still having trouble email us at

      1. Staci

        Thanks, Michele. I figured out the problem. We have a lower version of Internet Explorer at our school. It worked perfect with Firefox.

  58. D.

    I download the books to my computer using the Overdrive player. I then transferred them to my iTunes account. However, I cannot find them anywhere on my iTunes account. I tried to transfer them again and it says that the files are already in my iTunes account. I have looked in audio books on iTunes and I have synced my phone and looked in that audio book folder. I have the Overdrive app downloaded on my phone already…I look in there and nothing. Please help!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Are they perhaps in MUSIC instead of audiobooks in iTunes? If you are still having trouble email us at

  59. Carolyn

    Wanted to say thank you for this.

    What a wonderful thing!

    1. Michele Cobb

      You are most welcome!

  60. Keisha Carrington

    Thank you for this wonderful resource!!!

    1. Michele Cobb

      Thanks for enjoying them!

  61. Donis


  62. Eila

    I have the Overdrive app on my iPhone. When I go to the Sync page with the titles listed and click on the download link, I am redirected to the download prep page. I am already ready to down load. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Michele Cobb

      As of 7am ET on Thursday May 15th you should see the option to download that week’s titles there. Nothing is available yet, but check back on Thursday!

    2. William Veillette

      Hi Eila,

      The links will be working for you beginning tomorrow, May 15th. Just check back with us tomorrow!

  63. Zachary Clark


  64. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    I have a Macbook Pro, can I download the audiobooks if I download the OverDrive app?

    1. Michele Cobb

      Yes – absolutely!

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