SYNC 2020/Year 11

  • 26 audiobooks were offered over 13 weeks April 30 - July 30
  • Average downloads/title in 2020: 5241
  • 48% growth in SYNC direct contacts - over 75,000 receiving emails or texts
  • 23% growth in social media connections
  • More than 136,000 total downloads

SYNC Survey Results

  • 9% were new audiobook listeners thanks to SYNC
  • 94% of new listeners are likely to listen to more audiobooks thanks to SYNC
  • 35% said SYNC audiobooks led to other listening/reading
  • 61% of respondents signed up to receive AudioFile Magazine 
  • 81% of educators/librarians are likely to use SYNC again in Summer Reading/Listening Programs
  • 83% of educators/librarians see a role for SYNC in curriculum use
  • 77% of educators/librarians said SYNC helps outreach to teens
  • 70% of educators/librarians said they would promote audiobooks more because of SYNC
  • 29% of educators/librarians said their communities are motivated to use audiobooks
  • 65% of users said SYNC led to other listening or reading
  • 15% of educators/librarians said SYNC led to more audiobook purchases
  • 24% of educators/librarians said SYNC led to more related book purchases

Participant Feedback

“SYNC opened my mind to reading things I wouldn’t normally read.”—Teen listener

“I have always loved reading, but SYNC has allowed me to grow a love and passion for audiobooks that I may have never discovered otherwise.”—Teen listener

“I don't have to give myself eye strain when I am listening to an audiobook. I don't need a bookshelf because I can easily search the internet for an audiobook. This saves space in my house and trees – no need to cut down wood for paper!”—Teen listener

“SYNC led me to buy more books from the list: Stalking Jack the Ripper series and The Serpent and the Dove (I pre-ordered the second book).”—Teen listener

“I think you should do this right now till Covid-19 ends, listening to these books distracted me long enough to forget what was going on.”—Teen listener

“I was part of a virtual audiobook book club, and every week we’d read the SYNC books and discuss them. We loved the diversity and always thought they were wonderful. Keep it up!”—Teen listener

“I have been using the program to do buddy listens with my son and then discuss what we have been listening to.”—Parent of a teen

“With COVID closing our physical library, SYNC was a great resource to get recommendations for socially responsive summer reading!”—Parent of a teen

“Particularly during Covid-19, kids and adults have had trouble focusing their attention. Having an audiobook to listen to while doing something else, like walking, has been helpful, and is an easy way to share the pleasure of a good book.”—Librarian

“SYNC was a ray of light during lockdown. It gave us all something to look forward to each week. When schools closed March 13th, I beefed up our Library website and tried to provide as many online resources as possible. I reminded students of the SYNC program regularly.”—Librarian

“I loved the books and the diverse culture you introduced to teens.”—Educator

“The variety of genres, the variety of characters and authors represented, and the variety of themes addressed all made for an impressive program. Clearly some folks put a lot of thought and time into crafting it - thank you.”—Educator

“Thank you. A bit of light in this dark year.”—Educator


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