SYNC 2019/Year 10

  • 28 audiobooks were offered over 14 weeks April 25 - August 1
  • Average downloads/title in 2019: 6858
  • Average unique downloaders/title in 2019: 6038
  • 17% growth in SYNC direct contacts since April 25 - over 49,000 receiving emails or texts
  • 25% growth in social media connections
  • More than 192,000 total downloads

SYNC Survey Results

  • 8% were new audiobook listeners thanks to SYNC
  • 99% of new listeners are likely to listen to more audiobooks thanks to SYNC
  • 38% said SYNC audiobooks led to other listening/reading
  • 56% of respondents signed up to receive AudioFile Magazine 
  • 78% of educators/librarians are likely to use SYNC again in Summer Reading/Listening Programs
  • 78% of educators/librarians see a role for SYNC in curriculum use
  • 77% of educators/librarians said SYNC helps outreach to teens
  • 67% of educators/librarians said they would promote audiobooks because of exposure to SYNC
  • 16% of educators/librarians said SYNC led to more audiobook purchases for their organization

Participant Feedback

“I like that when listening to audiobooks you are able to do other things while listening and still having the same experience as sitting down and reading. As someone with a busy schedule, it helps me read more.”—Teen listener

“I enjoyed listening to audiobooks because I could “read” while also doing other things. Listening to audiobooks helped me to want to do things other than be on my phone.”—Teen listener

“I've always listened to musicals or story-telling podcasts while painting, but I hadn't tried audiobooks until my school counselor introduced me to this summer program, and I loved it! I will definitely listen to more in the future.”—Teen listener

“I love audiobooks and think they are a great form of reading!”—Teen listener

“SYNC makes audiobooks so much more accessible. Next summer I'm considering having an audiobook book club because of it.”—Teen listener

“I have difficulty reading and like to listen along with an actual book.”—Teen listener

“I love audiobooks and SYNC was amazing, I still have several audiobooks to listen to thanks to this program. SYNC helped me discover new titles, authors and genres. I listen to all the titles available in the program.”—Teen listener

“Loved it again!  Can't wait for next year!”—Librarian

“My patrons tell me that it introduced them to titles they wouldn't have chosen otherwise.”—Librarian

“I have enjoyed your program. I talk about it all the time; with individuals, students, friends, and other teachers. The topics, themes and titles that I have listened to come up in conversation all the time! I plan to use titles from the reading list in my curriculum this year.”—Librarian

“I have loved everything about SYNC! The promotional materials are amazing and the selections are wonderful!”—Librarian

“At the end of every school year, I bring in the current 7th and 8th graders to show them how to use SYNC for the summer. I am open during the summer as well, so they are able to come in and ask questions if needed. We love this program.”—Librarian

“At our annual youth empowerment summit, one of the options was for teens to teach other teens how to download audiobooks from the library collection and from SYNC. It was fascinating to listen and to watch teens excitedly talking audiobooks to one another. Truly empowerment!”—Librarian

“I would just like to thank you for helping tons of young people find access to stories during the summer months when book access is not always guaranteed.”—Educator


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