SYNC 2018/Year 9

  • 26 audiobooks were offered over 13 weeks April 26th - July 25th
  • Average downloads/title in 2018: 6462
  • Average unique downloaders/title in 2018: 5671
  • 18% growth in SYNC direct contacts since April 26 - over 43,000 receiving emails or texts
  • 20% growth in social media connections
  • More than 168,000 total downloads

SYNC Survey Results

  • 9% were new audiobook listeners thanks to SYNC
  • 99% of new listeners are likely to listen to more audiobooks thanks to SYNC
  • 40% of listeners said SYNC audiobooks led to other listening/reading
  • 80% of educators/librarians are likely to use SYNC again in next year’s Summer Reading/Listening Program
  • 81% of educators/librarians see a role for SYNC in curriculum use
  • 74% of educators/librarians said SYNC helps outreach to teens
  • 63% of educators/librarians said they would promote audiobooks because of exposure to SYNC
  • 17% of educators/librarians said SYNC led to more audiobook purchases for their organization

Participant Feedback

“I’ve heard about audiobooks before but never had the chance to actually listen to one. It made me remember the times my grandfather would read me books before bedtime. I felt that someone was telling me a story. I’ve been an avid reader ever since I can remember and audiobooks create a different experience to reading a book. Thank you for the great experience!” —Teen Listener

“I am definitely a book worm, and audiobooks are a great way for me to do daily activities and keep up with my reading. I can relax or do chores while listening to a book. Audiobooks are like music for the nerds.” —Teen Listener

“I love listening to audiobooks before I sleep. It keeps my mind off things and from overthinking. It makes me feel even more relaxed that my mind is not full of bad thoughts.” —Teen Listener

“I love audiobooks and with SYNC I could discover new stories and genres.” —Teen Listener

“I love audiobooks! Listening to them makes me feel smarter. And with audiobooks you can multitask.” —Teen Listener

“I like audiobooks for those times when carrying a physical book can be inconvenient. They’re great for road trips and they’re on my phone so I always have them with me.” —Teen Listener

“I’ll definitely listen to more audiobooks from now on! I really enjoyed being able to listen to books I wanted to read while going on a hike or riding the bus. I’ve only started getting into audio-based media like podcasts and audiobooks this summer, but I think it’ll become a new habit of mine!” —Teen Listener

“I will always listen to audiobooks. SYNC was so convenient!!” —Teen Listener

“I liked being able to listen while I exercised.” —Teen Listener

“I love audiobooks, because they let me hear how to pronounce the names, help me understand the tone of the book, and let me do other things simultaneously.” —Teen Listener

“We supplement our regular reading and family reading times with audiobooks. We love them for travel, evenings, group listening, and injecting new authors into our repertoire. The SYNC summer program lets us sample new authors and genres. Thanks for this valuable program. We have suggested it to many of our librarian and teacher friends. ”—Parent of a Teen

“I enjoy listening to the audiobooks with my teens. We all love to read.” —Parent of a Teen

“Our family has listened to audiobooks for about 5 years now. We often go 3 or 4 days without turning the TV on, because we have gotten lost in a new book and can't wait to find out what happens next.” —Parent of a Teen

“My students have learning disabilities and reading is difficult, so I introduce them to audiobooks.” —Educator

“My district is just starting out with audio offerings. SYNC helped me learn more about accessing on my device which will help me help students.” — Librarian

“This has been a great service for my students. Often, they are unable to get to the library and don’t have funds to buy books. THANK YOU!” — Librarian



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