Frequently Asked Questions about SYNC

1. I use the Libby app. Can I use this for SYNC titles instead of OverDrive?

We are sorry but SYNC will only download using the OverDrive app. It will NOT work with Libby. 


2. How long will each audiobook be available for download and when does each SYNC week start?

Each audiobook will be available for you to download onto your computer and/or mobile device for one week. The files are available from Thursday morning 7am Eastern Time until the following Thursday morning at 7am Eastern time when the new audiobook titles become available. You may download more than once if you have more than one device. When you have downloaded the MP3 files they are yours to keep. SYNC returns April 25, 2019. 

3. I missed last week's audiobooks. May I still get them?

We are sorry, but no. Per our agreement with the publishers, the free audiobooks are not available after their original download week (ending at 7am on a Thursday morning). SYNC no longer has access to the audiobook files.

We suggest using the free OverDrive app or going directly to to find your local library site and borrow it from them or check out each title’s page on our website for sources to purchase.

4. I have students/patrons who love audiobooks. May I give them copies of my audiobook in class or reading/listening group?

These audiobooks are for your personal use and you may not distribute them. Please help your listeners to download their own personal copy.

5. What is the .odm file?

This is a sort of "pointer" file. It is not the actual audiobook.

The .odm file tells the OverDrive app (or OverDrive’s desktop software, if you’re on a Windows or Mac computer) to go to OverDrive's server and start downloading the actual audiobook MP3 files.

IMPORTANT: You must complete the entire download process during the download week.  If you do not, your .odm file will return an error regarding an invalid license. This is because the file you are trying to download is no longer on OverDrive's server.

6. How do I know if I got the whole audiobook?

You should see a message that indicates your device is downloading each part of the audiobook.

You can also check to see if all of the audiobook’s parts have downloaded successfully using these steps:

  • If you have OverDrive’s desktop software for Windows or Mac: Right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the audiobook in OverDrive’s software and select “Download.” A popup notice will let you know if all of the audiobook’s parts have already been downloaded, or will prompt you to download missing parts.
  • If you have OverDrive’s app for Windows 8/10: Click or tap on the audiobook in the OverDrive app, then scroll all the way to the right. You should see a list of audiobook parts that shows which ones have downloaded successfully, and allows you to download missing parts.
  • If you have OverDrive’s app on any other device: Look for the “Files” section of the app. This section will list how many of the audiobook’s parts have downloaded successfully. If an audiobook is incomplete, you should be able to open it from the “Files” section of the app and download the missing parts.

If you are unable to download missing parts for your audiobook using the steps above, search your device for the .odm file, then delete all old .odm files.

Once you’ve deleted the old .odm files, return to  from your browser and start the process again.

7. My device shows the files are still downloading. How come it is so slow?

While the audiobook files are large, they should not take more than a couple of minutes to download.

If it seems to take longer, the download process has "hung" for some reason.  Just cancel the download and try again from the SYNC title page at You may have to first delete the .odm file from your device using your file management program/app (like Filer or Windows Explorer). 

8. While downloading this week's audiobooks, I get a message from OverDrive that the new title can’t be opened until “other files have finished downloading”.

Sometimes the device does not get rid of .odm files from previous weeks and the OverDrive app/software gets confused.

Please delete all .odm files from your device using your file management program/app (like Filer or Windows Explorer). Then begin the download again from .

9. Can I download the free audiobooks to my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. OverDrive has an app for most smartphones and tablets. However, we highly recommend downloading the audiobooks to your computer first. Phones and tablets have limited storage and the large audiobook files often use it up before the end of the SYNC download summer. Files on mobile devices also tend to be harder to move from device to computer. Sometimes, users' mobile devices crash, break, are lost, or get traded for new models. Having the audiobooks on a computer that is regularly backed up assures you that you won't lose your audiobooks.

10. I have OverDrive on my computer. Why can't I connect to SYNC?

You must first use your browser to navigate to . Choose the title you wish to download. Enter your name and email address. Click download. OverDrive’s software will then begin to download the audiobook.

11. I need to move my audiobooks from my mobile device to another device. How do I do that?

Please consult your user's manual or contact your device's customer service. This is beyond the scope of SYNC Help as each device is different. You may download the same title during the download period to multiple devices if you wish. Just install OverDrive’s app or software on each device and walk through the download steps a second time.

12. How do I transfer my audiobook to my MP3 player?

SYNC audiobooks come in the MP3 format. They are compatible with any device that supports the OverDrive app and can also be transferred from Windows or Mac computers to MP3 players.

13. May I use another app/program to listen to the audiobooks?

You must use OverDrive’s app/software during the download process. After that, you may use any MP3 app/program to listen to the audiobook's MP3 files.

14. Can I listen on a Chromebook?

Yes! OverDrive has an app for Chromebook. It works with SYNC audiobooks just like the OverDrive app for smartphones and tablets.

If your audiobook does not download automatically, please go to your Downloads folder. Single click on the file AudiobookDownload. Then, at the top of your Chromebook menu, you will see "Open." Click on this if it is a highlighted option then choose OverDrive from the dropdown list of apps. This will cause the audiobook to begin downloading.

15. Nothing Happened when I tried to Download the audiobook onto my Chromebook

If the link is not working, your Chromebook OS is not compatible with the OverDrive App. This affects only some Chromebooks. In this case, you can also download them to a Windows or Mac computer first, and then transfer them to your Chromebook.

16. Can I delete the titles from my device?

Titles can be deleted from the OverDrive app or computer. In the app the cover art may remain even when the audio files are deleted.

17. Do I need to return the file?

The titles are for personal use only - they are yours to keep and may not be returned to your library's collection as they do not begin as part of your library's collection. If you have finished a title and no longer want access to it please delete it. NOTE: The title is not stored in the cloud anywhere and once it's deleted you will not be able to access it again.

18. App updates

If you reinstall or update the OverDrive mobile app, any previous SYNC titles will no longer appear in the app and will be unavailable on your tablet or phone.

Once downloaded, audiobook files will stay in the same download location on your computer even if you reinstall or update OverDrive’s desktop software.  However, you will need to use another MP3 or audiobook program, such as iTunes, to listen to them. Most programs will search your computer and import the MP3 files they find.

This will also be true if you transfer SYNC audiobook files to another device that already has OverDrive (you will need to use another MP3 or audiobook program to listen to them on that device). 

19. The Audiobook did not download into my OverDrive Bookshelf

Most devices know what to do when you download the first file, AudiobookDownload, from us. But some devices need to have a default set first:

If you are using a computer:

If your computer only downloads the .odm file and doesn't finish the audiobook download process, then your computer may not know what program to use to finish getting the actual audiobooks. Please follow these instructions to make OverDrive the default program for opening an .odm file on your computer. 

If you are using a mobile device:

Please got to your device's settings, find Apps Settings, Choose OverDrive, then choose an option such as "Set As Default." 

This tells your device to recognize that AudiobookDownload file and start the audiobook download. 

All devices work differently, please refer to your devices help for setting an app's default files.

20. My question has not been answered. How do I get further help?

Please feel free to contact and we will be glad to get back to you in a timely manner.



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