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Voices of Betrayal

Read More The act of betrayal is a weapon in itself, regardless of whether the traitor brings physical harm or “only” the psychological pain of breaking trust. Buckle up for a pair of such experiences this week with a play from William Shakespeare and a novel written in the second person. Both pull listeners right into the encounter with a traitor.
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Disaster Strikes!

Read More Listening readers of all ages know that our natural environment faces perilous changes. Sometimes disaster strikes outright, in the form of an industrial failure or an extreme weather event. This week’s free audiobooks carry us into the hearts of two such disasters.
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The 20th Century's Most Famous Wall

Read More From 1961 to 1989, a barbed wire-topped concrete wall divided Berlin, Germany, preventing free movement of family members, friends, and anyone engaged in daily business from crossing the more than 800-year-old city. Our audiobook pair this week bookends the night that wall was built with the call for its destruction in a speech by a U.S. President. With the topic of border wall building frequently in today’s news, we think this visit to the recent past is in order.
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Read More Friends and family are important people in all our lives. Sometimes, however, instead of looking to others for support and rescue we need to get through hard times on our own. This week’s pair of audiobooks from Penguin Random House Audio/Listening Library shows how some fictional teens face such events.
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