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Let's Discuss

Let's Discuss

Read More Our weekly audiobook pairs typically share themes while contrasting in treatments by the authors of those themes and providing different narration styles. That makes each pair a good choice for discussion groups! If you plan to include programming or class time to such discussions, we have some tips to help you get listeners engaged in taking that next step from personal experience of an audiobook into talking about listening’s effects.
Promoting SYNC Locally?  Be Authoritative!

Promoting SYNC Locally? Be Authoritative!

Read More We love seeing the publicity pieces many of you are compiling and promoting locally to draw attention to SYNC! Thank you! To make sure we all have our facts straight, let’s review some of our own publicity so that yours can be accurate.
Support Beyond Free Audiobooks

Support Beyond Free Audiobooks

Read More With less than a week to go before SYNC 2019's opening day on April 25, we have some bells and whistles to share. First of all, if you have any questions about the OverDrive interface needed to access the 28 free audiobooks throughout the summer, be sure to register for next week's free webinar. If you're in a position to help others with access issues, the webinar will also be helpful as we'll explain some of the "why's" you might be asked.
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And We’re Live in 2019!

Read More Welcome to SYNC’s 10th season of free audiobooks for teen listeners! We’re kicking off the collection with two titles about edgy friendships, both by well known authors whose characters will remind you of people you know—maybe even yourself.
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