Week 8: The not so secret lives of boys

Written by Michele Cobb on Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Gather a posse of young men and get them listening this week! We've got a pair of titles--and author narrators--sure to evoke big time interest.

Nobel Laureate William Golding performs his LORD OF FLIES and multiple literary award winning William Dean Myers provides the afterword in his own voice to MONSTER this week, giving us a pair, both from Listening Library, with a number of interesting traits that make them an excellent SYNC combination.

Hearing each of these authors provides a visceral connection between the audiobook audience and the powerful tales of young men whom the audience might first meet with an expectation that bravado can win the day. Listening to the unfolding of the realities of any small group's limited capacity to cope well with isolation and abandonment, however, speaks directly to why we need to be part of a larger society, a larger culture, a world of connections we may not always remember have value in our daily lives. Both stories also share the trope of characters being placed into male-only populations, completely out of the boys' usual element in terms of the life experiences they've acquired beforehand. The theme of rising to the challenge of learning to cope with and adapt to a new situation in each story is dramatically presented, yet so credible that these books are sure to remain in the listeners' hearts and minds across all the years of their lives.

MONSTER, winner of the very first Printz Award and a National Book Award nominee, and LORD OF THE FLIES are both found on many school reading lists everywhere. Many other lists feature one or both titles, too, including the Modern Library‚Äôs 100 Best Novels picks by both the editorial board and by popular readers, and the Desk Set's Recommended Reading List about or by Incarcerated Teens or Adults.


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