Week 14: Remembering where we've been

Written by Michele Cobb on Tuesday, August 4, 2015


We end this fine SYNC summer with two World War II stories which demonstrate how important the roles of both author and narrator are to listening and and literary appreciation.

In UNDER A WAR-TORN SKY, we head onto the battlefield with Henry, after his plane is shot down and he ends up behind enemy lines. In THE OLD BROWN SUITCASE, Slava is in for a fight of her own as she moves from Poland to Canada in an attempt to escape the atrocities of war.

Both of this week's audiobooks show the importance of both skilled author and narrator, the story's creator and the story's communicator.  In this video, author L.M. Elliott and narrator Elizabeth Wiley sit down with each other to talk about their experiences  creating, revisiting, and sharing UNDER A WAR-TORN SKY. This video provides concrete information about the effectiveness for teens in getting to hear literature, as well as giving us the opportunity to see the evolving cover art the book has received across the years. For more insights about the audiobook performance process, we invite you into Elizabeth Wiley's home recording studio as well. 

While L. M. Eliott's novel has its basis in her father's wartime experiencesLillian Boraks-Nemetz, the author of THE OLD BROWN SUITCASE, builds her novel on experiences in her own life. Reader Sofia Bunting Newman must handle a wide range of characters who have different native--and even adopted--languages. This story speaks not only of a past generation but of experiences teens new to a country as immigrants today can recognize as genuine.

Thanks to Tantor Audio for providing this week's free access to UNDER A WAR-TORN SKY, and to Post Hypnotic Press for free access to THE OLD BROWN SUITCASE.

We hope that during the year you encourage  young people to sign up for text or email alerts about SYNC even if they did not participate this summer. We will be back in May 2016 with an all new lineup to excite and intrigue.

Thanks  for listening!

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