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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, April 2, 2020


Can you believe the annual SYNC Audiobooks for Teens program returns in just four weeks? Whether you are new to SYNC or have been with us across our past decade, you may have questions about how you and your teens will be accessing this year’s free audiobooks. We have answers!


This year SYNC titles will be delivered through OverDrive’s Sora app rather than through the old OverDrive app. We recognize that this has caused some confusion on the parts of those who know Sora only as an app for accessing school digital collections. Please note that no SYNC participant need be affiliated with any school or other library collection to participate. The SYNC collection is ours alone and does not come to participants through any library. (Note, too, that only individuals and not libraries or other institutions can download these free audiobooks from SYNC).

Those who have technical questions about accessing SYNC should register now for the free webinar on April 14. Although this webinar will be live from 1 to 2 pm Eastern Time on that date, it will be recorded and we will add it to our site so that you can review it whether or not you can attend in person. However, to attend the webinar live, please register with OverDrive right here.

Two other important changes this year should come to your attention as well.  First, all 26 of the titles offered by SYNC in 2020 will be available worldwide, so listeners in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, and anywhere else will have access to the full collection. This is the first year we’ve been able to obtain audiobooks for our program that all had international licenses so could respond to the level of international interest we have heard. Wherever you are on the globe, share the word! 

Secondly, there is a small change to the time on each Thursday when the new pair of titles becomes available, which means a new time for when the previous week’s pair can no longer be downloaded to your personal shelf.  Traditionally we’ve made this switch early in the workday, Eastern Time. In 2020, however, this switch will occur at midnight Eastern Time.  That means, for example, that if you are on the West Coast of the US, you will need to get the week’s downloads before 8:59 pm on Wednesday evenings.  Each pair will still be available for download for a full week; it’s just that the week has shifted about seven hours earlier in its starting and ending points. And that means that AudiobookSYNC 2020 will start seven hours sooner than it has in any previous season!

We’re still looking for teen podcasters. If you know some who have an interest in books, listening, or drama, let us know! And if you have additional questions about access to the program through Sora, please attend the webinar, check our Frequently Asked Questions page, and reach out to us if you still feel uncertain.

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