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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We're excited to see so much enthusiasm in social media from AudiobookSYNC veterans who know just how they are planning to make use of the 2016 program locally. To help those of you who are newer to it, this post offers several places where you can find help or inspiration.


As you have already discovered, our own AudiobookSYNC website ( includes a Toolkit. Among its contents are posters and other images ready for you to print or post on your website. More tools are arriving there as well.

The AudiobookSYNC program passes its free audiobook downloads on to you through the OverDrive platform. If you are unfamiliar with this platform, or uncertain how it works when you are accessing files that you will be keeping rather than borrowing from a library, you can register to attend OverDrive's Special Webcast: SYNC Audiobooks for Teens, Summer 2016 edition.  The webinar will broadcast live twice on Thursday, April 21, first at 11 am Eastern Time, and again at 3 pm Eastern Time. The archives will then be available at the Learning Center on the OverDrive Partners Portal where they maintain recordings of other such training events. The session will be under an hour and any questions you might have about the connectivity and storage process will be answered.

While our own website's toolkit provides you access to the brochures and other printable materials you might want to use to create local publicity for teen listeners and readers, we also have a Pinterest board from which you can share images of the title covers (linked to AudioFile Magazine reviews), the various posters and brochure templates listing the season's titles and avaialble dates, and other materials to help extend displays and discussions of many of the titles, including pictures of and links to narrator information.

On Twitter, you can find images of displays various librarians and teachers are creating to draw teen attention to a free summer activity. The hashtag #audiobookSYNC16 is where we are trying to direct these. Think about using Twitter as well to reach out to others who have promoted the SYNC program across the years to start discussions about what has worked well for them in promotion.

One last important piece of communication news! Right now we are in the process of undergoing a page name change on Facebook. What this means for you, if you have friended AudiobookSYNC, is that in the next week or two you will receive a message from Facebook (not from us!) alerting you to the name change and asking that you visit our newly named page to confirm your continuing interest. When that name change migration is complete, we'll let you know both here and on Twitter.

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