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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, August 13, 2020


Thousands of you generously provided responses to our end of SYNC season evaluation this year and we want to thank you for helping us to continue to improve and polish our annual program.


While some of  the responses go beyond our ability to control—such as which app can be used to deliver titles—and others indicated that the evaluator might need some coaching in both the current app and why we have moved, many others, including our target audience of teens, found the use of Sora to be simple.  This response from an older SYNC user addresses that point so well:

I really like this program and am glad it continues.   The switch in platform to Sora is good. It does raise small concern that, because of the free nature of the resource things like platform change are more likely.  But then platform change or revamp is pretty common and users are becoming more acclimated to an app suddenly changing or being dropped. People don't often like the transition as it creates uncertainty.

How did teens feel about SYNC during this particularly unusual season of early and abrupt schoolyear endings and shifts in available spring and summer activities?

I love to use it when I'm done early on my assignments and I don't really have anything to do.

Helping me through a rough time—being read to is the highest form of comfort. 

I liked it because it was my first time reading at home without any school assignments, and from now on I want to keep reading!

I never thought that I would come to enjoy reading from an audiobook. It's so cool because I can do other stuff like folding clothes while listening to a book. Thanks SYNC for the experience.

We also heard, interestingly from adults who identified as family members rather than teachers or librarians, that the contemporary themes in this year’s collection—which collection did include a wide range of genres and a few longtime classics—challenged listeners because of their edginess. We certainly hear you on the need to find more humor and that is always high on our radar and more challenging to find than you might imagine. We’ll keep it at, though.

Teachers and librarians who share SYNC with both teens and other professionals with whom they work with youth had some insightful remarks, too:

I just like to encourage a reading culture, and I've found that listening in a group setting is a really nice way to connect with a shared experience.

I started using SYNC when I was a high school teacher at the recommendation of the school librarian. Then my family moved across the county I found that listening to audio books made the driving days not feel so long. Once arriving at our new place, I found a book club to join and soon started sharing the joys of SYNC with all of them.

My favorite part about SYNC is getting and listening to books I wouldn’t have ever chosen for myself. It expands my world view and my reading view, which is excellent.

And here is another response we think everyone can appreciate:

I came across this program somewhat by chance. I had lost the habit of reading regularly until I tried the SYNC program. I must admit this was a nice idea to give it a try. When driving or before going to bed you can always find time to listen to a story which allows you to use your imagination and wondering how you would have reacted to an unexpected situation. Would you react differently from the character? Or would you do the same? Well, this program put me back on the path to reading. I strongly recommend it.

We have loaded the quantitative results of this year’s evaluation responses right here on our site and included several more qualitative responses from you, our evaluators, there as well.

What’s next? Keep checking our social media accounts for updates about audiobook activities and the new list we will be building for the 2021 SYNC season!  


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