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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, September 12, 2019


For those who are in constant want of new narrative listening, the world of podcasts is rich and deep--and free! This week we remind you of a couple such podcasts that speak specifically of and through teens who are using their voices and their ears to examine teen history.


A couple years ago for the summer SYNC program, we featured a collection of TEENAGE DIARIES: Then and Now, produced by Joe Richman. This collection used material from a program that is ongoing and now available in podcast episodes, "Radio Diaries."  Teen listeners may be especially interested in the episodes AMANDA'S DIARY REVISITED, South African teen THEMBI'S DIARY, or THE ODDEST TOWN IN AMERICA. If you downloaded Emma Donoghue's story collection ASTRAYthis past SYNC season, that third episode above is a perfect bookend for its  opening short story.

A new podcast episode that dropped on the West Coast this week takes us into the responses and considerations of  contemporary teens examining a slang dictionary the generation before them produced at Berkeley High School. Check out Berkeleyside's SLANG STORY and consider mounting a similar teen-centric podcast report on language locally. 

If you're a podcast listener who is on the prowl for audiobook recommendations, then there's AudioFile Magazine's own BEHIND THE MIC. Right now it's featuring a daily conversation about the editors' very favorite audiobooks of all time.  What better way to hear about an audiobook than through a podcast?

Photo courtesy of Berkeleyside.

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