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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, March 16, 2017


AudiobookSYNC is committed to offering teens all along the age spectrum some great summer listening. Since potential SYNC participants range from the early teens of middle school through graduating high school students, we work to include audiobooks that include some that speak to all, some skewing to the higher end of the teen range, and some to the lower.


Thanks to Brilliance Audio and Full Cast Audio, we're able to offer some titles this summer of high appeal to younger teens. Of course, that doesn't mean only middle schoolers are apt to enjoy these; it does mean younger teens can be sure there will be good listening for them as well as for the high school crowd.

Kenneth Oppel's AIRBORN, from Full Cast, provides a pleasing steampunk-laced adventure performed by narrators who themselves include teens. There are pirates and other nasty guys against whom the hero can show his derring do, and the pace builds slowly so that those new to audiobooks can ease into listening to literature.

Lana Krumwiede's dystopic sci fi FREAKLING features a 12-year-old who also has plenty of opportunity (which he takes) to become a hero. Nick Podehl's performance brings 12-year-old Taemon very much to life and gives younger listeners the experience of hearing a character grow and develop through his personal experiences, choices, and actions. In addition to being a great story, this one offers young teens an opportunity to think critically about how its themes reflect reality.

With our eighth season opening just six weeks from today, be sure to check through our Toolkit to select posters and other web-ready images so you can announce the program locally. Let us hear from you if there are promotional assets you would find particularly helpful. And get ready to listen all up and down the teenage audiobook spectrum!

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