Final countdown to SYNC 2015!

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Are you ready?  Have you made sure the teens you know are all set to take part in this free program that, over the course of the summer (starting tomorrow!) gives them the opportunity to download, listen to, and keep 28 audiobooks?

If your school, library, club, or family is new to Audiobook SYNC this year, you might want to review the technical information needed to move these audiobooks from us to you. A couple weeks ago, program co-sponsors AudioFile Magazine and OverDrive, provided a comprehensive webinar explaining what you and your teens need to do to reach and download each week's pair of audiobooks. It's simple!  In fact, the hardest part is helping people to understand how very simple the process is, needing no equipment other than a wifi enabled computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

You can review the accompanying slides for the webinar; both contain all the information you need to help teens to make this a summer full of great listening--and great books, too!

Here are some key elements to note:

  • Audiobook SYNC is open to any individual who is 13+ (not for institutional accounts)
  • Participants should download the free OverDrive app before trying to download their first audiobook; your institution doesn't have a role in mediating the content program participants use the app to access
  • Participants are asked to register with name and email; don't worry, because that won't lead to sales pitches, just reminders about Audiobook SYNC dates and titles
  • Be sure your library, school, or club does have its own copy of each of the featured titles if you plan to create programming around one or more of them so that others can access a title you want to discuss or otherwise feature; check with OverDrive through your institution's corporate account to ensure that
  • Encourage participants to move the audiobook files they download to phones and tablets onto their computer to save space on their mobile device (these files take a lot of room!)
  • Remember: each title is available for downloading for one week only--Thursday through Wednesday--and once the calendar page turns, you can't go back and retrieve a previous week's titles

That's it!  You can keep posted via this blog, via Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

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