Isn’t It Romantic?

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, June 18, 2020

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Week 8’s theme this SYNC season is one of romance. However, our two audiobook selections are very different in their interpretation of that broad category of story type, and the performance choices are also unlike each other. Here’s another opportunity to explore how a theme can produce two very different listening experiences.


Two narrators work together to bring Lambda Literary Award-winning author Bill Konigsberg’s The Music of What Happens to audiobook format for Scholastic Audiobooks. Joel Froomkin and Anthony Rey Perez alternate chapters as they take the roles of the main characters, high school boys Jordan and Max.  Both the author and the narrators know their way into telling authentic, empathetic storytelling that addresses mental health, family finances, jock culture, and, of course, teen romance.

From Thomas Nelson, The Bronte Plot is an adult novel with high teen appeal, written by Katherine Reay and read by Laura Kirman.  Those who are fond of traditional romances from literary luminaries like the Brontë sisters will quickly fall for this modern romance of an American woman who goes to England’s Lake District in pursuit of righting a wrong she has committed.  Kirman uses accents to move listeners from American to English characters and makes the heroine credible and relatable.

Just like people, no two romances are the same.  Even listeners who haven’t considered exploring this genre in print will discover its possibilities in these two audiobook selections.

Above are narrators Anthony Rey Perez, left (photo by Sean Patrick Photography) and Joel Froomkin, right (photo by Samuel Jacobs)


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