Crossing Points

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Every family relationship can be complicated. This week our two SYNC audiobooks explore how those complications can become the stuff of great storytelling.


From author Ava Dellaira, we have Brilliance Publishing’s recording of In Search of Us, a story with two timelines. Adenrele Ojo performs as both a teenage girl and her mother when she was a teen herself. Separated in age by only 18 years, and by race, both of these family members are linked to the absent family member, the man who was father to the contemporary teenager.  Take a road trip, a tour of memory, and an exploration of how even broken relationships can take us forward.

Paired with this is HarperAudio’s opening volume of a new fantasy.  Narrators Holter Graham and Saskia Maarleveld take the roles the main characters in author Shelby Mahurin’s Serpent & Dove. In this series opener, a young woman has escaped from a coven only to meet up with a fellow whose life’s work is hunting down witches.  In some stories, this could lead to a pair of characters who flee each other or go into battle against each other.  Here, however, they join forces by marrying—in spite of the fact that maybe they aren’t a perfect romantic match. This one is fun so be prepared to laugh out loud while listening!

Be sure to let us, and your AudiobookSYNC 2020 listening companions, know how the varied narration styles you're discovering with this summer's titles strike you. Are you developing an appreciation for single narrators who can assume multiple individual character traits as they read? Enjoying the paired and full cast listens? Ask the audiobook listeners in your discussion groups about the listening component of their experiences with SYNC, too. For more about listening you can visit the newly updated Sound Learning site as you get ready for June, the annual audiobook month celebration.

Pictured above, left, Adenrele Ojo, and right, Saskia Maarleveld


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