SYNC 2020 After Party

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Tuesday, July 28, 2020


From the chatter we’ve been hearing through your Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts, and assorted blogs, newsletters, and other news we’ve found online, it sounds like this year’s AudiobookSYNC program found some happy listeners! And we want to hear more from you.

Later this week anyone who registered for the season will receive the annual evaluation we ask of participants. This has been our 11th season and one reason we’ve been able to keep going long-term is because we are really interested in and use participants opinions and suggestions for titles and narrators, interests in themes, and knowledge of groups to whom we might do off-season outreach.  One of the big changes we made this year, thanks to participant communications in past seasons, is to make sure all of 2020’s titles were available with worldwide rights so we could cut through the complications—and disappointments—of offering titles that were limited in geographic availability.

A couple of caveats for those evaluations: we don’t repeat titles from previous SYNC seasons in future ones so you can check here to see all 272 audiobooks we’ve provided across the years.  We’re building a Pinterest board of all past seasons so you have a quick visual reference of these. Secondly, we have to look to our partner OverDrive—and prevailing technology—for delivery so, while we understand that not everybody is as happy as many others are with the annual use of a specific app, the best we can offer is to help you use it (and we do that through our actual human guidance by email).

We especially want to hear from teens who participated in the SYNC season so, if you are a teacher, librarian, or family member who made sure teens found some good audiobook listening through us, please encourage them to complete and submit the evaluation.  The accrued results of the evaluations we receive will be shared back here in mid-August, and then will go to live on our website so you can refer to quotes and other details in them at your leisure.

What happens next?  Well, for us attention now turns to building a new season’s collection.  We’ll continue in our regular posting here and in our social media channel presence year around.  From time to time we’ll offer ideas for local audiobook programming. Come the depths of winter (a season that is hard to imagine at the moment), we’ll start announcing the new season’s free audiobook titles.

More immediately, while you’re completing that evaluation, we’ll reshare some of the wonderful posts we saw from you after you listened to some of this year’s titles. The enthusiasm, surprise, and satisfaction expressed in these deserve wider sharing than one time around. Look for these on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Thank you, again, to our host AudioFile Magazine, to OverDrive, and to the contributing publishers whose generosity allows us to provide this program of free audiobooks every summer to any and all over 13 years of age!

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