Making Space for Yourself in the World

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, May 17, 2018


In Week 4, both titles in our audiobook pair are brought to us courtesy of Listening Library. Both feature strong girls who meet challenges to their self assurance with a balance of standing up for themselves and accepting the support of those who wish them well.


BEING JAZZ, written and narrated by Jazz Jennings, is the memoir of a contemporary teen who recognized that, to be herself, she needed to express the girl obscured by a body determined to be male at birth. Jazz came out publicly as transgender at the age of six, co-wrote a children’s picture book as she entered her teens, and wrote and recorded her own story for teens, one of our SYNC pair this week, before her 16th birthday. Listeners may recognize Jazz from television or YouTube; now you can get to know her as a writer and reader as well.

Paired with this memoir is a novel by another young woman teens may recognize by name. Mariko Tamaki is one of the team of cousins who wrote the award-winning graphic novel, This One Summer. SAVING MONTGOMERY SOLE, narrated by Rebecca Lowman, features a 16-year-old girl who feels out of place in her town, or maybe in her life. But Monty also has best friends, and a keen interest in things like ESP and superpowers, so life does hold its promises. It’s a matter of remaining honest with herself, Monty comes to understand. Honesty about both her weaknesses and strengths can help her to feel at ease in her world.

Finding a way through discomfort takes both perseverance and a certain amount of good humor, these two heroines show us in this week’s SYNC audiobooks. Thanks, Listening Library, for adding them to our 2018 collection.

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