Adventures Abound

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, July 19, 2018


Our final week of the 2018 SYNC season brings a couple of special audiobook treats. Both are likely to surprise you and offer good reminders that, when we’re open to making discoveries, both adventure and insight are going to follow.


Thanks to author  Elizabeth Fama , we are pleased to provide listeners with the 2013 Odyssey Honor winning Macmillan Audio  MONSTROUS BEAUTY, performed by the late great Katherine Kellgren. When man and mermaid meet, the adventures aren’t confined to their own lives. The story here crosses centuries, as well as species, with Kellgren giving each character a distinct voice and the plot every ounce of awesome surprise listeners can bear. The author of this teen novel discovered her own joy of audiobooks when she heard the narrator’s performance and now does much of her own personal reading by ear. Katherine Kellgren recorded more than 250 audiobooks, many with high teen appeal, before her untimely death earlier this year. Put on your headphones and discover love and death,   and their fierce echo in the ocean's powers, with the author and narrator who bring them all to life for listeners.

Paired here is another surprise. Did you know that  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  wrote science fiction as well as his famous Sherlock Holmes mysteries? In  THE LOST WORLD , narrated for Naxos AudioBooks by Glen McCready, we travel to an Amazon River-like part of the world where dinosaurs still roam. Doyle uses his own (1912) knowledge of science and competing theories of paleontology, as well as his knack for creating credible and absorbing characters, to make this listening experience seem almost believable. McCready’s narration fits the style of Doyle’s time; that authenticity offers the opportunity to do some time travel while listening.

Download your final pair of 2018 SYNC titles this week and let us know throughout the coming months which of the 26 audiobooks has come to mean the most to you as a listener. As we start building a collection for 2019, we'll share that information with you here. Thanks for listening!


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