Ambition’s Curse

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, June 28, 2018


This week we’ve paired a classic most high school students will encounter before graduation with a contemporary gothic novel that offers a good introduction to the genre.


If what you know about William Shakespeare’s play  MACBETH is the witches, get ready to find out a whole lot more! This full cast recording from L.A. Theatre Works will chill you as you discover Lady Macbeth, the ambitious woman whose longing for power through her husband leads to madness. More than 400 years old, this drama itself is said to be cursed, and some actors and theaters hold superstitions to this day about what will go wrong when it’s performed. Those witches foretold that General Macbeth would become King of Scotland—but at what cost? If you’d like to try out some variations on the original after you listen, try any or all of these  seven movies . Thank you, L. A. Theatre Works, for being brave enough to stage this--and for sharing it with SYNC.

There may be a witch in  THE CURSE OF CROW HOLLOW , by Billy Coffey and read by Gabe Wicks for Thomas Nelson, or maybe the old woman is really mentally ill. However, as this tale unfolds in an Appalachian accent perfectly suited to its place, the teenagers who stir the hornet’s nest of possibility bring revenge on their little mountain village. This one’s just atmospheric enough for listeners who like to indulge in scary stories that make the listener think, and wonder, about what they might have done had they been one or another of these characters. Thank you, Thomas Nelson, and thank you, Carpool Book Club, of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library System, for sharing their sneak peak--er, listen--to this week's free audiobooks.

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