Disaster Strikes!

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Listening readers of all ages know that our natural environment faces perilous changes. Sometimes disaster strikes outright, in the form of an industrial failure or an extreme weather event. This week’s free audiobooks carry us into the hearts of two such disasters.


From L.A. Theatre Works, Leigh Fondakowski’s play SPILL presents the immediate aftermath of the 2010 BP oil rigger explosion that killed workers and polluted the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. The drama here is a documentary-style enactment, featuring actors Elisa Bocanegra, Nicholas Hormann, Gilbert Glenn Brown, Darren Richardson, and others. The audiobook, part of publisher’s “Relativity” series of science-themed productions, also contains a conversation with Jim Morris, Managing Editor for the Environment and Worker Safety for the Center for Public Integrity.

McCall Hoyle’s novel MEET THE SKY, narrated by Morgan Fairbanks and published by Blink, offers a realistic view of family relationships, shifting responsibilities and empathy, and a teenaged coping with the hurricane battering her island amid North Carolina’s Outer Banks. In addition to providing listeners with accurate regional voice  inflections, we also hear excerpts from Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poetry with every chapter opening.

Both of this week’s free audiobooks lend themselves as gates to exploring the facts on which they are based, from oil spills to poets who began their careers as teenagers.

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