Who's Choosing Your Role?

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, July 18, 2019

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We make assumptions about other people in our lives all the time—and yet, we also know that assumptions others make about us can be way off base. This week’s pair of audiobooks explore just such situations and let listeners consider both sides of the assumption trap.


Actor Karla Souza narrates THE GO-BETWEEN, a realistic and engaging #OwnVoices story of identity from bestselling author Veronica Chambers, published in audiobook format by Penguin Random House/Listening Library. When a well-to-do teen from Mexico enters an American high school, her new classmates assume she’s poor. Should she play along and do some investigation into the kind of life they think she must have? Together, Souza and Chambers are an excellent team to take us behind the scenes of assumptions and counter-assumptions.

Also from Penguin Random House/Listening Library we bring you David Arnold’s novel KIDS OF APPETITE, read by a full cast. With narrator Michael Crouch in the role of a grieving teen, Phoebe Strole as a vulnerable girl who puts up a harsh front, and Ryan Vincent Anderson as the adult who cares for these homeless kids and others, listeners have many opportunities to consider their own assumptions as well as those of the characters. Each narrator seems to inhabit their role completely, creating a listening experience that can give those new to audiobooks a lot of good evidence for returning to find more listening.

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Photos above show authors Veronica Chambers (courtesy of Jason Clampet) and David Arnold (courtesy of Daniel Meigs).

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