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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, August 8, 2019


As you might imagine, preparing for next SYNC season of free audiobooks starts even as the current season winds down. As we begin our outreach to publishers to start collecting titles for you to download next year, we need your evaluation of this year's program.

If you downloaded any of SYNC's 10th season of free audiobooks you should have received a link to our survey. In case that email didn't make it to your attention, here's another link to it.  Each year, we make good use of the results of the previous years' surveys to build a better program.  And no one can help us to do that except you!

Once the surveys have been analyzed, we will share the results of the evaluation right here so you, too, will have the opportunity to get a big picture view of how others are using this program.  Please help all of us to shine a light on audiobooks for teens, and on leen listening, by completing the survey today!

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