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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, August 1, 2019


By now, you may be in possession of as many as 28 new audiobooks for your listening enjoyment. SYNC's 2019 season of free audiobooks has run its course. However, we don't disappear when the season ends. What can you expect until the free audiobooks start up again next spring?


First of all, thank you right now for continuing to support this program which aims to celebrate books and skillful reading. And, of course, big thank yous to the publishers who shared fine works from engaging authors and talented narrators.  Very soon every partipant in SYNC's 2019 season will receive a brief survey and we hope you respond to it so that you, too, have a voice in our continued efforts to improve this annual program.

Our social media presence continues on all channels throughout the year, and we regularly share information about audiobook news of high interest to teens and those who facilitate their access to audiobooks.  Occasionally we'll offer listening discussion guides and other models for bringing attention to reading with your ears.

As early as the new year, we should be able to start announcing audiobooks coming to SYNC 2020!  So, stay tuned, and tell us about why you listen.

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