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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, September 3, 2020


With a new and unusual school year now underway, families as well as teachers and librarians are taking renewed interest in exploring how learning and literacy "works." To help you find resources that address the how and the why underpinning the use of audiobooks for literacy enhancement, we turn to the Sound Learning initiative.


Sound Learning APA collects and disseminates information gathered by researchers in education, literacy, neuroscience, and social sciences to guide selections and usaes of listening as a literacy skill.  To help spread valid information about this research, one of their recent projects has been creating a board on Pinterest  that takes viewers directly from specific facts to the research underlying these assertions about listening.

We think this makes a great piece to share with families who are intersted in how audiobooks can enrich student life during this season when continuing isolation may prove depressing, and when skill loss from last year's abbreviated session may need support. The example in the image above takes you directly from Pinterest to a recent research article in the Journal of Neuroscience, while the image itself is a simple yet accurate reflection of what the research explored there says.

Share the evidence. Help families find good reasons to include listening in their literacy development.

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