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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, April 16, 2020


SYNC’s eleventh season opens with a pair of free downloads in just two weeks! To make sure you and everyone you know who wants to collect personal copies of any or all of the 26 audiobooks we’re featuring this year, it’s now time to register.


You’ve checked our website, read the Frequently Asked Questions with the answers we’ve posted, and maybe even attended this week’s webinar we co-hosted with OverDrive.  Your first step to participation, having decided that is what you want to do, is to Register. You need to Register on the front page of our website in the block that looks like the image at the top of this post. You must Register first before you can add AudiobookSYNC as a “school” to your Sora app. You need to Register before you can access any of the free audiobooks this season. Spread the word and let’s see those Registrations roll in so that no one is disappointed during Week 1 of the program!

If you’d like to take a look through the slides (complete with clickable links) that accompanied the webinar presentation, you can find them here. Note that they include pertinent reminders:

  1. SYNC is a program that provides free audiobooks for individuals to keep forever
  2. SYNC’s selections specifically feature audiobooks of high interest for teens
  3. The SYNC program is open to any individual who registers
  4. To access and keep any of the free audiobooks, you must check it onto your Sora shelf during the one week we feature it in the program
  5. Every audiobook you move to your Sora shelf will remain accessible to you on the Sora app (for 100 years) when you log back into Sora using the email address you use to register for the program
  6. This year ALL of the free audiobooks are available worldwide, without regard to national borders


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