Three Months to Go!

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, January 24, 2019


Now that SYNC is entering its tenth year, we can look back and notice how some audiobook publishers have returned year after year and provided teen listeners with listening experiences they might still keep to hear again and again across the decade.


Recorded plays are a good example of that kind of listening invitation that calls for repetition at different points in the same listener’s life. This year, thanks to L. A. Theatre Works, we’ll be bringing two of their plays from the science-themed Relativity Series.  SPILL, which recalls the human and environmental disaster on the Gulf Coast when a giant oil rig exploded there in 2010, was written by Leigh Fondakowski and features Jane Kaczmarek along with a full cast.  Dramatist Henrik Ibsen authored AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE over a century ago and it comes through this audio production into the 21st century as though it were new. Both of these audiobook plays are directed by Martin Jarvis, from whom SYNC fans have heard in previous seasons.Thank you, L. A. Theatre Works, for providing excellent examples of STEAM-friendly listens. 

Another big supporter of SYNC across the decade is author and audiobook producer Bruce Coville.  (He thinks SYNC is “freaking fabulous.”) This year his company, Full Cast Audio, is giving program participants access to Charles Benoit’s teen novel YOU, performed by David Baker. Tune in to hear a narration that is in neither the first nor third person and find out how that affects the listener's place in the story. Thank you, Full Cast Audio!

Oasis Audio also continues to be a contributor to teen listening discovery year after year. In 2019, they are bringing SYNC participants some well-timed nonfiction: TEAR DOWN THIS WALL, by Romesh Ratnesar and performed by Wes Bleed, revisits President Ronald Reagan’s speech calling for the end of a divided Berlin. Archival recording of President Reagan is included. Thank you, Oasis!

All four of the audiobooks noted here go further than offering listening experiences. They also can inspire speakers, writers, and teen researchers as they show creative ways to communicate narrative. 

Pictured above are Jane Kaczmarek and Nicholas Hormann. Photo by Nick Toren

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