Familiar voices, new stories

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, December 15, 2016


As our 2017 SYNC season continues to take shape, we're happy to welcome back some of your favorite narrators--performing books we think will be either new to you or to your teens.

Brilliance Audio has generously donated Debby Dahl  Edwardson's novel MY NAME IS NOT EASY, which shows us life in the government and church run boarding schools formed to move indigenous people from their own sovereign culture to a European American one. Amy Rubinate and Nick Podehl (pictured here, as his narrating partner was in last week's post) bring this historical novel to life.

This is an ideal discussion group title, as we hope you'll find many of the upcoming season's titles. Facing and discussing cultural issues can be a first step toward making thoughtful decisions about how to take steps to form a better world for us to share.

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