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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, February 20, 2020


Have you started planning a book group or other media discussion program for summertime? Remember that SYNC can be a great resource for everyone in the group to have access to a selected title.


We’ve already posted the dates for each week's pair of titles in this coming season, so you can check here to see which titles are available when. With that information in mind, you can choose one or two as discussion titles and make sure everyone in your group downloads the title during the week it’s available. It’s best to plan the discussion to take place two to four weeks after that so everyone has had a chance to listen through and consider what they’d like to share with other group members.

When you’re basing your book discussion around an audiobook, remember that the format deserves consideration and questions as much as does the content and writing style. 

      • How does the voice work complement, enhance, or otherwise affect the author’s creations of character and rhythm? 
      • If you’ve chosen a SYNC title to discuss that arrives for listeners through multiple narrators, how does their teamwork affect your listeners? 
      • If group participants include both those who have read the book with their eyes and those who have read with their ears, what differences in experience of the work can they share with each other?

Many of this year’s titles have discussion guides readily available online. Remember that the best guides are those from which you’ll need only a couple of questions because these will stimulate organic discussion.  If you’re taking SYNC to your book group, we hope you’ll share the experience with us!

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