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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, March 12, 2020


We have a lot of nearly-ready for prime time tools that will land across the next couple of weeks. Consider this a “be on the lookout for” notice.

If you are new to SYNC as a librarian, teacher, or group leader, we post annually on this site a toolkit that can support you’re local messaging efforts to teens. Right now, the weekly and monthly posters have been designed and will be uploaded for you to use from the Toolkit link very soon. We provide them for both printing and online use.

We continue to develop this year’s technical FAQ.  Within a couple days we will be able to let you know the name of the collection to which you should point Sora in order to collect the season’s free audiobooks. We are also placing some always available content in that collection so that you can run tests and teach access ahead of 30 April when the program begins.

Once again, we will provide and record a webcast with OverDrive to show and tell app use and other features of the SYNC program. We’ll announce the date and time of the live webcast shortly. Know, too, that it will be archived and available in the Toolkit for anyone to access during the course of the SYNC season.

For now, wash your hands, cover sneezes and coughs with your elbow, and check our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts for frequent updates and additional tips from other SYNC participants as well as from us.

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