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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, March 5, 2020


Earlier today you may have received a press release that includes initial information about this year’s method of access to SYNC titles. While the technology itself is fully developed, the use of Sora as the access platform for SYNC is new and is likely to occasion questions. Please read this post as the beginning point of receiving clear answers to many such questions.


This season SYNC access for all participants will use the Sora app through which to obtain your free titles. The Sora app itself is free and can be downloaded any time from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It can be used to access the SYNC titles you choose to download on smartphones, Chromebooks, laptops, desk top computers, and tablets. When you download the app, it will ask you for a school affiliation. Before you complete that field or throw up your hands in despair, read on!

In effect, the AudiobookSYNC collection will be treated by OverDrive as a unique library of SYNC's collection. We are presently confirming the exact name this “library” will have for you to input so please stand by until we publicize what exactly it will be (and remember there are still 8 full weeks before the program opens).  If you already have Sora connected to another collection (say, your school's library), no worries!  SYNC is a separate collection and you will access our free-to-keep audiobooks through a link other than the one attached to a non-SYNC source. 

Our advice is for you to hold off on developing messaging about the specifics of linking to SYNC via Sora until we complete our Toolkit with its FAQ.  This will occur well before the end of March.

One significant difference from a regular school library collection, and one you are welcome to advertise now is that, as in years past, once a participant has downloaded a title (which can be done only during the week it is available on SYNC), they can return to it indefinitely; it won’t disappear or be due as it would from an institutional library collection.

Also as in years past, SYNC downloads are available only to individuals; you cannot download them from SYNC to add to an institutional collection. Different from the past, SYNC titles will not be available through the old OverDrive app. And you cannot use the Libby app to access the collection. 

There will be plenty of descriptive support before the season begins (April 30), so the important things to keep in mind right now are:

We will be using the Sora app, which is free, and all participants will have access to the SYNC collection, which is also free



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