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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, February 27, 2020


AudiobookSYNC has been a staple in a variety of teen summer reading programs where listening to books is (rightfully, we think) accepted as good summer reading engagement. We always work to get some titles onto the annual roster that reflect popularly assigned books from required summer reading lists, too.


Walking around at the Public Library Association's biannual conference this week, we're hearing some buzz from public library staff who are excited to find our annual broachue has arrived, complete with title pairs by date and quick tips to when they can find more tools on this site. (We're building the toolkit now, with weekly and monthly posters, publicity blurbs you can adjust for local use, and more). A quick tip now: the annual toolkit will be ready for you in less than a month but it's only got the brochure loaded right now.

We've been listening to some fresh  programming ideas library staff around the continent have been using with our free audiobooks that address more than the most direct of literature consumption.  For example, because these professionally performed audiobooks come to us from a wide range of actors and in a variety of performance styles, they offer both tutorial and inspirational support for teen actors who want models of creating characters with voice, polishing accents, and expressing the wide gamut of emotions an actor’s role may require.

If your library or other agency offers a summertime lunch program, SYNC audiobooks can make a great accompaniment and bonus.  While in the library for lunch, remind teens they can take advantage of the building’s wifi to download the week’s titles. Consider an ad hoc tech session for those who want to share with their peers how to obtain the app and how to move their free audiobooks onto their personal shelf. (Note to all: we'll be announcing detailed app information early in March.)

Know a teen camp counselor?  Suggest they get junior counselor staff on board with SYNC as a way of building bonds among that group. After younger campers have crashed for the night, share unbridled opinions about the week’s title pair (after listening to them, of course).

We know many of you have developed other ways of including audiobooks in your summer programming work. We’d love to hear what’s worked best in your community.

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