The Power of Pairing

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, March 21, 2019


During each week of the SYNC season, we place two thematically related audiobooks on offer and for keeps. Why a pair? We have lots of reasons and are sure you’ve discovered a few more, if you are a SYNC veteran.

Pairing titles means that we can provide

    • Listening options for multiple listening capacities
    • Models for comparing and contrasting literary works
    • Experiences with diverse performance styles
    • Possibilities for switching away if one title isn’t enjoyable
    • Opportunities to stockpile listening for the rest of the year

We also believe that by offering pairs, we may reach new teachers or beginning librarians with unfamiliar works thematically connected to ones they recognize. We’ve heard from educators involved in leading professional development workshops that they suggest participants engage in SYNC to build up their awareness of the breadth and depth of both books and performance experiences available to the teens they are coaching and advising.

What can you do with a pair? More than twice as much as what you can do with one alone!


Category : Literacy

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