Promoting SYNC Locally? Be Authoritative!

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, April 11, 2019


We love seeing the publicity pieces many of you are compiling and promoting locally to draw attention to SYNC! Thank you! To make sure we all have our facts straight, let’s review some of our own publicity so that yours can be accurate.

First off, no library cards or other local credentials are needed for teens and others to download their personal audiobooks from SYNC. SYNC offers audiobooks only to individuals so you cannot download them for use as part of your library or classroom's borrowing collection.

The Libby app  is specifically for downloading library files so it cannot be sued to download the files from SYNC because SYNC’s files are yours to keep rather than library-hosted. SYNC will download only using the OverDrive app.

Each audiobook will be available for you to download onto your computer and/or mobile device for one week. The files are available from Thursday morning 7am Eastern Time until the following Thursday morning at 6:59 am Eastern Time. You may download more than once if you have more than one personal device. These downloads are for personal ownership only so you cannot download them as part of a borrowing collection. Once downloaded, the MP3 files are yours to keep in your personal collection as long as you like.

We love seeing SYNC receive tie-ins to local programming! You can use the titles in classes book discussion groups and other groups. However, the downloads may not be distributed. Please help your listeners to download their own personal copies. REmember to use the correct image and clip assets we provide through our social media accounts if you are supplying cover, author, or narrator photos or sound promos. You can find all of these on:

We highly recommend downloading the audiobooks to your personal computer first. Phones and tablets have limited storage and the large audiobook files often use it up before the end of the SYNC download summer. Files on mobile devices also tend to be harder to move from device to computer. Sometimes, mobile devices are lost, or get traded for new models. Having the audiobooks on a computer that is regularly backed up assures you that you won't lose your audiobooks. You must use OverDrive’s app/software during the download process. After that, you can use any MP3 app/program to listen to the audiobook's MP3 files.

The titles are the downloader's to keep.  They cannot be returned to your library's collection as they do not begin as part of your library's collection. If you have finished a title and no longer want access to it, just delete it. Note: The download is not stored in the cloud anywhere and once it's deleted you will not be able to access it again.

​Be sure to include in local publicity as the resource for answering further questions about technical aspects of participating in SYNC. We will be glad to get back to anyone who writes to us there in a timely manner.

It's National Library Week and libraries are where we are assured of receiving accurate and authoritative answers. Those working in libraries are also among SYNC's best supporters so let's make sure the information you promote about SYNC is accurate and straight from our 2019 information.

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