Clean Up Your Virtual Bookshelf for New Arrivals

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, March 28, 2019


While it’s true that we can never have too many things on hand to read, whether with our eyes or our ears, virtual space does get filled just as physical bookshelves can become crowded. With less than a month to go before SYNC 2019 kicks off, now is a good time to do some spring cleaning to make sure you have space on your phone, in the media space on your computer, or wherever else you stash audiobook downloads.


We know some longtime SYNC fans manage to maintain previous years’ collections almost in full so check to see how much you can pack into the data space you have. How much listening is coming in 2019?  You already know there are 28 titles that will be available, each for a week during which they can be downloaded and yours to keep in your own equipment until you decide to weed your shelves.

Those 28 titles add up, all told, to about 200 hours of recording! Of course, the time isn’t evenly divided: a small handful of the audiobooks—great for first-time listening experiences—come in just around two hours or less apiece.  Several others weigh in at over 10 hours each. Most of the offerings fall between those extremes.

You can probably find plenty of space on a computer, including  a laptop, to keep all of these indefinitely. Remember to move them there first and then onto your mobile device when you really plan to listen to them. These downloads won't disappear until you decide to delete them. 

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