Still Thinking about Whether to Promote SYNC in 2018?

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, March 22, 2018


As AudiobookSYNC heads toward its 9th season, more and more teachers, librarians, and parents have discovered its benefits to the teens with whom they work and live. We know, however, that finding support for any new program can require supplying data and testimonials to administrators unfamiliar with the reasons why something--even a free something--might be helpful.


To help you supply adults unfamiliar with SYNC with some information that can help them understand its context and results, our annual Toolkit includes data and remarks from teens, educators, and librarians who participated in the 2017 season. This page puts facts at your fingertips as you make the case for publicizing SYNC through local schools, libraries, homeschooling communities, and other organizations serving teens throughout the year and interested in their well-being over the siummer months as well.

SYNC supports 21st century multimodal literacy needs which include the capacity to listen and understand, to learn from what is heard and otherwise experienced through media platforms, and to respond to literature with critical thinking instead of only repeating factual details included in the author's work.

For excellent readers, SYNC offers a way to read more and at different times in the day where a book (even an ebook) won't fit into a time where the eyes are required for safety or rest. It also allows access for all reading abilities to hearing correctly pronounced and rich vocabulary. Teens interested in performance can find all sorts of models for acting, speaking, and even combining music with spoken word in a way that enhances both.

If you'd like help crafting a press release for local use, we offer that in the Toolkit as well. With launch date just over a month away, now is the time to begin to let everyone around you know about the what, how, and all important why of SYNC for teens.

Pixtured above: Author Elizabeth Fama, whose novel MONSTROUS BEAUTY will be available during the 2018 SYNC season, is a big proponent of audiobooks and reads by ear for her own enjoyment.

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