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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, August 22, 2019


Thank you to the nearly 4,000 SYNC participants who took the time to provide us with responses to our 2019 survey! We use this information to build a better program each year so be assured that your opinions are noted. We heard from teen listeners, librarians and teachers, parents and grandparents, and adults who might be teenless but have a deep interest in audiobook listening.


In the coming weeks, we'll place a broad brush version of responses on our website. Throughout the year, we'll share quotes from many of you so that you note what others thought about specific titles.  You'll also find great ideas for sharing the program next year that you can use in your own setting. Librarians and teachers offered tips for what they did to spread the word--and teens had some ideas of their own that are truly inspired.

When all was said and done across the 14 weeks and 28 audiobooks we offered, more than 192,000 downloads were made by you all from our site! Yes, that is a record. 

Here's a taste of the many (hundreds) of comments you included in the survey:

“I enjoyed listening to audiobooks because I could “read” while also doing other things. Listening to audiobooks helped me to want to do things other than be on my phone.”—Teen listener

“I've always listened to musicals or story-telling podcasts while painting, but I hadn't tried audiobooks until my school counselor introduced me to this summer program, and I loved it! I will definitely listen to more in the future.”—Teen listener

“I love audiobooks and think they are a great form of reading!”—Teen listener

“SYNC makes audiobooks so much more accessible. Next summer I'm considering having an audiobook book club because of it.”—Teen listener

“I have enjoyed your program. I talk about it all the time; with individuals, students, friends, and other teachers. The topics, themes and titles that I have listened to come up in conversation all the time! I plan to use titles from the reading list in my curriculum this year.”—Librarian

“At our annual youth empowerment summit, one of the options was for teens to teach other teens how to download audiobooks from the library collection and from SYNC. It was fascinating to listen and to watch teens excitedly talking audiobooks to one another. Truly empowerment!”—Librarian

“As an educator for adult English learners, I recommend this program to the children of my students who are eager to help their children succeed.”—Educator

For those of you already back into the new schoolyear, may it be a good one! For those of you enjoying the last vestiges of summer, may your downtime be pleasant and active. Whatever your days may hold, keep listening and let us know what new discoveries you make regarding audiobooks.


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