Power in a Personal Library

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, October 18, 2018


Many of us involved in developing, maintaining, and spreading the word about AudiobookSYNC as an annual program for teen listeners are also big believers in libraries and their collections. Free access to a vast array of choices underwrites our--and teen--access to unbounded intellectual freedom.


There's an important place for a personal library, too, even if it's a small shelf or data folder. Titles each of us choose to keep, or to have on hand for emergencies (such as being caught in a waiting room), can include works we love and those we have yet to explore. They are promises of a future, even if it's a promise of just six hours of new listening or 15,000 words creating a story we don't yet know.

That's one of the important elements of our annual SYNC program: we make it possible for teens to go beyond listening--reading--to curating a collection that is theirs to shape and maintain. 

This is a time of year when we are hearing from last summer's SYNC participants that they have just now listened to something they downloaded during the program. This message appeared just this week when its poster came across a reference elsewhere to one of last summer's hits,  SOLO :

" I'm so glad I downloaded this from SYNC  this summer even though I was too busy to listen to it at the time. I just finished listening, and it was great!"

Thank you, @shelfemployed , for reminding us  that SYNC goes on all year, as participants discover what they've saved to their own shelves.

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