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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Looking for some audiobook guidance for teens during SYNC's off-season? We have a couple big tips to suggest.


As you know, the annual SYNC program is sponsored by AudioFile Magazine, the only journal dedicated to evaluating audiobook performance. While sites like your library's catalog and Audible--among many other web-based resources--offer information about book contents and such helpful details as narrators' names, running times, and production companies, AudioFile's reviews actually address how well a performance "works." The stable of reviewers is large and includes librarians and other professionals who know the audiobook milieu as well as the book and audience worlds.

Did you know there is a quick way to find the very best audiobooks available for teens, as well as other age groups among kids and their families? From AudioFile's landing page, you can click right through to Audiobooks for Kids and Teens to find reviews grouped by audience age.

If you want to look for free audiobooks that have a place to high school classrooms (as well as for casual listening) check out the list maintained by Open Culture. Just because something is free, as we all know, doesn't mean it offers quality; these titles, however, do!  Among the gems you'll find here are Cory Doctorow reading Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Ernest Hemingway reading his own famous short story "In Harry's Bar in Venice," Flannery O'Connor reading her "A Good Man Is Hard to Find," the poet Langston Hughes reading his "The Dream Keeper and Other Poems," and the Nobel Prize acceptance speeches as delivered by Toni Morrison and John Steinbeck. Many formats are represented, including streaming options for many of these audiobooks.

Keep listening! And keep recommending great audiobook listening for and with teens! 

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