Behind the Scenes, 2020 Is Already in Progress

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, November 14, 2019


Our decade-old summer program providing teen listeners (and others) with the opportunity to build a personal audiobook library may seem like it lasts only about three months each year. As those of you who do any kind of work that involves delivering a complete project can imagine, we work on AudiobookSYNC-related programming all year long.


One of the first important steps in building each year's edition of SYNC is reviewing your participant responses to the season just ended. All year long we keep track of what's appearing on teens' lists of favorite books, audiobooks, narrators, authors, and genres they're perhaps surprised to discover resonate with them. Then we turn to our publisher partners with suggestions about which titles might prove excellent ones to offer in the new season.

That brings us to November each year, this month, the time when publishers start responding and making their own suggestions. We also  make sure AudioFile Magazine has reviewed audiobooks under consideration and that each considered title review is positive.

Then comes that magic moment of agreement and the library begins to take shape with actual titles ready and waiting for the new season. So far, halfway through this November, we already have 10 audiobooks moved into this stage! As we do every year, we are striving to make sure performance styles and lengths vary, subject matter ranges widely among topics of high interest to teen listeners, and some perennially assigned books that have great audiobook editions are in the mix.  In the past several years, and for the coming SYNC season, we've also strived to assure that #OwnVoices are heard.

It's getting hard to keep the secrets of what all is coming for 2020. Fortunately, we'll be able to announce the slate in just two months from now, as we traditionally have, during the American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting in January. Meantime, you can start looking forward to spring and summer!

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