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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, April 28, 2016

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With just one week to go before our all new, 15-week season opens on May 5, let's touch on some tips and tricks to help you and your teens make this a successful season of free audiobook listening.


First, make sure that your OverDrive app is up to date and that there is a clear understanding of how to manage AudiobookSYNC downloads so they will be available to you forever. If you missed last week's webinar reviewing the fine points of this, or you want to share it with a group, you can find the archived webinar at the OverDrive Resource Center. Click on "Past Webcasts" to find SYNC Audiobooks for Teens--Summer 2016. You'll be able to view and listen to the webcast, as well as download a PDF of the slides for further sharing.

Planning to include SYNC in discussion programs? We'll be offering specific support for three of the titles as the summer progresses. However, here are some general tips to keep in mind for rich and rewarding audiobook discussions:

  • Make sure that participants have listened to the title, whether or not they are familiar with it from reading with their eyes.
  • Include attention to the audiobook's performance: How do we find out more about character and plot from the ways the narrator or performers use voice, pacing, inflections, and even pauses?
  • What did you realize when listening to the text that had escaped you, or might have escaped you, if you'd been reading with your eyes? What did you find out about character relationships, authentic regional accents, and other attributes that our ears use to understand our world and the world created or documented by the author?

Want to let parents and other adults know about AudiobookSYNC and why to encourage teens to participate? Here are some talking points to assist you in that effort:

For Parents and Other Adult Family Members Looking for Teen-friendly Summer Fun
AudiobookSYNC is a free program, available to all teens. The 2016 season is our seventh, and this year it lasts for 15 weeks, with a total of 30 teen-friendly audiobooks to download and keep.  Many of the titles have curricular connections, all have high recommendations from both professional reviewers and casual audiobook listeners.
Reluctant readers
No print, or print sizes, to handle while accessing author's words and structure of text
Up front knowledge of how long this book takes to read with your ears
Omnivorous readers
Another way to experience books by diverse authors, from a variety of cultures, and exploring a range of themes
Participate in daily activities while continuing to read
Nothing extra to carry around while reading on public transit or anywhere else: just the your mobile device and a pair of earphones
Exposure to rich vocabulary, correctly pronounced and used in context
There are several ways you and your teen can receive each week’s audiobook pair:
Sign up via text to receive a weekly download alert - text SYNCYA to 25827
Check the AudiobookSYNC site to see which pair of audiobooks is featured for any week between May 5 and August 17, and, during that week, download one or both from the site
Follow AudiobookSYNC on Twitter or Facebook for notification of the week’s offerings and follow the post’s link to download
All you need is Internet access and any device that will accept downloads. You or your teen will need to obtain the free OverDrive app to allow playback and storage on your device. The audiobook files can be large so if you plan to store them, make sure to transfer them to a full computer instead of trying to keep all 50 on a mobile device!
Our Twitter name is @audiobooksync. You can also visit us on Pinterest.
Planning a trip, chores, or an exercise session? How long is the audiobook you want for company?
This calendar of AudiobookSYNC’s 2016 season shows the dates of availability to download each title, along with the duration of its running time. Remember, as long as you download a title during its week of availability, you can listen to it later this year or next, or anytime!

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