AudiobookSYNC 2016 Preparations at Your Place

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Friday, April 8, 2016


We heard from a lot of excited recipients of yesterday's initial SYNC text alert of the season. How did you you respond to yours?


Yesterday's text alert, to those who had already signed up to receive them weekly as new titles become available throughout this year's 15-week program, offered the reminder to update your OverDrive app and also served to suggest you highlight Thursday mornings on your calendar. This initial alert was received by many individuals who have discovered AudiobookSYNC in previous seasons. It also alerted new subscribers who are discovering SYNC and wondering how to incorporate this free program into their teaching, library programming, and other more formal activities.

Among the discussion threads we heard in response to "opening day announcements" was the excitement from the librarian in Honduras who had just found that many of this year's SYNC titles will indeed be available for download in his country. We heard from the Southern California librarian who took the alert as her time to send her already-crafted message to both the public and school librarians in her district, as well as the school board, about helping teens access free audiobooks during summer. She had already annotated the list of this year's 30 titles to show which ones respond to curriculum in which grades and which appear on popular teen reading lists, and included that information as well.

Another librarian contacted us to say she discusses the literacy support potential of the program with volunteers where she works, knowing they will spread the word into their families and neighborhoods. Many state listservs addressing librarians and teachers have included information about SYNC's 2016 program. And many more are yet to include noting it for service providers in their state. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the Mountain States, or around the Great Lakes, it would be wonderful to have you pass along news of SYNC to your state-wide professional groups and listservs.

It's never too late to subscribe to the text alert system during the SYNC season. You can also simply visit the website weekly, after May 5, to download that week's pair of titles. We do not advertise to teen subscribers and, of course, keep texting numbers confidential.

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