Literacy for Civic Engagement

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, October 4, 2018


As teachers and librarians know, literacy is a lot more than reading: it's a whole suite of skills that allow the literate person to reach beyond what they know from personal experience, to discover information and ideas, and to use these to understand more and better about the world and themselves. Whether the literacy skills involve visual reading, listening reading, video observation, or critical evaluation of directions, being literate provides teens and adults with the ability to make social changes through civic engagement.


During October, AudioFile Magazine's partner EveryLibrary, who supports the AudiobookSYNC program with outreach to its many active members, reminds us all to Vote Libraries  in both the sense of supporting local library measures AND the sense of including libraries in your civic literacy education plans. Libraries are where community members can find voter registration materials, candidate statements and records, and well researched discussions of ballot items.

With many SYNC-aged participants ready to vote for the first time or on the cusp of qualifying, make this October a time when you provide an arena to call attention to how and why suffrage matters. If you're looking for some relevant audiobooks, start with this list from AudioFile Magazine . Listening is an excellent way to become literate about the importance of voting because listening literacy recognizes the responsibility of the reader to attend critically and steadily to both an author's content and a performer's nuanced delivery, two essentials of any message.

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