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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, November 7, 2019


Back in January, we shared AudioFile Magazine's 2019 slate of audiobook listening challenges. Now the calendar year is winding on and the school year has got its motor running, we want to recall your attention to a way to engage super readers with the joys of written language--yes, through audiobooks.


Anyone--from aged eight to 80 or beyond--who has mastered the decoding aspects of reading and has moved on to be a swift and inveterate reader, may be paying less and less attention to how the authors they read actually structure language. Audiobooks are a good way to slow down and smell the literary roses. No, don't touch that speed dial on your app; just listen at the pace the author and narrator intended the words to unfold into phrases, passages, and literary experiences.

Where to start? How about with a couple of conversations: ask someone at least 10 years your senior for a good audiobook recommendation, and then ask someone the same who is at least  10 years your junior. Depending on your own age, of course, this could get you recommendations for read-alongs or audiobooks about retirement planning. That's the challenge: step out of your comfort zone of gobbling print and slow down to hear the authors and narrators others are enjoying.

If you've got a whiteboard in your audiobook area, ask for anonymous suggestions, tagged with the suggesters' years of birth so others can make their challenge choices.

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