One good listen deserves another

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, February 23, 2017


A feature of our SYNC program that deserves attention of its own is the presence of listen-alike suggestions that appear each week during the SYNC season.


AudiobookSYNC provides anyone 13 and up with a pair of free audiobooks each week for 16 weeks (starting April 27). That's already a library of 32 listening experiences! However, each week when you collect your SYNC download, you'll see listen-alike suggestions offered as well. And this year there are more than 125 suggestions coming to you beyond the free downloads.

What's a listen-alike? These suggestions play off the theme, narrators, authors, or other attributes of the week's featured pair of audiobooks. They often are among the newest audiobooks from the publishers who so generously support the SYNC program. They're good suggestions for what you might want to pick up next if you fall in love with a week's featured title, or what you might want to add to your library or classroom collection for the teens you know are loving particular titles they are downloading for free over the summer. In the terms of those of us who provide listening and reading advice professionally, these listen-alikes tap the same sorts of specific appeals as our free pairs.

Taking a peek ahead at what some of those listen-alikes will be, I'm excited to see classics and highly contemporary choices, listens that are really just for fun and ones that are deep and provocative. Each of our publishing partners has contributed to the listen-alike pool, so there really is something for everyone here to keep listening all year long.


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