I Still Have Questions about SYNC!

Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Three more weeks! And we know you still have questions. Some are about accessing free audiobooks for teens during the program and other questions we are hearing include: why for teenage listeners?


First off, answers to many access questions are available in a couple of easy-to-find sources.  Have you registered for next Tuesday's webinar?  It's not too late! It will be recorded and the archived record will become available shortly after the live webinar so you will have lots of opportunity to view and review it.

We also have updated our Frequently Asked Questions page and you will probably find all the answers you need about getting the right app pointed in the right direction to access the 26 free audiobooks individuals can download during the program and keep well beyond it.

So, why does this annual program (hey, we're eleven years old this year!) target teen listeners specifically? There are several reasons:

  • Lots of teens need access to good books, model reading, rich vocabulary, and multimodal literacy experiences
  • Lots of teens, just like people of all ages, enjoy great stories well told
  • Teens are just the right age to learn skills like strengthening and increasing attention spans, thoughtfully selecting and curating their own collections, and building empathy through exposure to creative expression

SYNC is an investment in teens' capacity to fall in love with literature. We know people of all ages would enjoy such opportunities, too. Maybe a teenager you know will share SYNC with you. 

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