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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Thanks for your ongoing generosity with ideas, images, and descriptions of how you would like to and how you already do promote teen access to FREE audiobooks all summer! Both our Twitter (@audiobookSYNC) and our Facebook page (SYNC: Audiobooks for Teens) are rich with suggestions you all are making or showing.


For those who haven't had the opportunity to check social media regularly to tap this flow, here is a brief list of some of the suggestions:

  • Visiting classes for end of the schoolyear promotions of summer programs? Take along brochures describing how to access AudiobookSYNC. You'll find ready-to-print templates in the Toolkit on this site, under the For Educators tab.
  • Know kids who have access to OverDrive and who might need a bit of guidance to show how AudiobookSYNC allows them to use the app by loading to a personal bookshelf (instead of to a library shelf within the app)? Demonstrate one on one, or in small groups, or share a brief video on your school or library webpage.
  • Is your building closed for summer vacation and you want to be able to remind kids of when new weeks begin and which titles are avaialble? Mount the five-week posters (also in the Toolkit) in windows visible from the street. Make sure they are large enough for passersby to read!
  • Do you plan on discussing any of the 30 titles either in recreational groups or as a back-to-school activity? Let everyone know which week that title is available for download. Make sure to schedule the discussion for a week or more later so everyone has the opportunity to listen.
  • Take photos of the teens in your group listening to audiobooks while doing whatever their best listening activity may be: hanging out on a club couch? working out at the Y? weeding someone's garden to earn some spending money? waiting for the bus to get to the next place in their busy lives? Use the photos in a collage displayed with the flyers and bookmarks printed from Toolkit templates to remind everyone that FREE audiobooks are available all summer long.

To assist in planning audiobook discussions, we'll be publishing guides to these three AudiobookSYNC titles:

  • THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN EX-COLORED MAN, available June 16-22, in connection with Juneteenth 
  • THE SYMPHONY FOR THE CITY OF THE DEAD, available July 7-13 
  • THE BOOK OF UNKNOWN AMERICANS, available August 4-10.

We'll discuss more about these, and offer tips about audiobook discussions generally, in our next post!

Keep those ideas coming and share! Remember that you can follow us daily on Twitter and a couple times a week on Facebook, too.

Also: remember that OverDrive is hosting a webinar this Thursday, April 21, to help guide you through using the app to both access and keep each week's titles! You can register and attend the webinar, which will later be archived, by following this link to the OverDrive Learning Center.

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