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Written by Francisca Goldsmith on Thursday, March 30, 2017


This week we're asking all of you to help us get information about SYNC to your local or regional media outlets or the email lists to which you belong in your professional lives.


The SYNC Toolkit has a boilerplate paragraph ready for you to tweak for groups you think would appreciate a press release about this free program. Of course, your personalization will make the message more valuable to those with whom you share SYNC publicity.

If you are a "SYNC veteran," we hope you'll share in your publicity message why you are eager for SYNC to return for an eighth year, who you believe will be delighted to discover it, and where new groups to SYNC can find any technical support they might have.

And speaking of tech support, today is the day OverDrive, the platform on which SYNC titles are delivered, is providing a free webcast to review both the SYNC program and the OverDrive app. You'll be able to share locally what you learn and let recipients of your own press release know that OverDrive is available in the unlikely case that help is needed.

Whom might you contact? Schools and public libraries in the same community might want to make sure that the other agency is in the know. Community radio and television stations, student newspapers, and neighborhood email lists are all fine places for grassroots information sharing about SYNC. If you belong to a regional chapter of youth service library staff, English teachers, or a youth theater group, they will want want to know. If you are active in your state library association or literacy organization, be sure to reach out to them with SYNC news.

Let us know if we can help you spread the word. We're contacting national teaching and library associations and encourage any of you with connections to any of these organizations to lend your voices to our efforts as well. Got a connection with a magazine, blog, or other media teens and/or teen facilitators read? Send them news of SYNC, too, and let us know who they are and why you think they make a great connection for SYNC publicity.

Easiest of all, let the next teen you see today know that SYNC is on the horizon--just four weeks until launch time!


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